Author of Drive Business Growth Using the Telephone: Proven Techniques to Implement a Successful Cold-Calling Program

Valerie Schlitt, founder and CEO of VSA, had always wanted to publish a book. She knew that being a published author would establish her as an expert. However, she never suspected that her book could potentially double her business!

Valerie was invited to bid on a project, and put together her normal marketing collateral – a nice folder of information about the company. One of her staff suggested she also include her book, which she had published with SkillBites a few years before. Not long after submitting her bid, she heard from the prospective client – they were very impressed that she was a published author, and wanted her to send more copies of her book so they could include it in the package of material going to their prospective client. If they got the job, then Valerie’s company would get the subcontract. While the verdict is still out on whether her client has won the award, Valerie advised that if she were to get the job, it would virtually double her business.

What she hadn’t fully appreciated was the huge boost her book gave to her credibility. As Valerie explained, “big companies are risk averse when it comes to deciding whether to hire small companies such as hers or go with bigger companies. By having a published book, I reduced that sense of risk, which has led to more business for my company from larger clients.”

Valerie encouraged other small business owners to get a book written. “If you have any time at all, do it!,” she admonished, “and use it wherever you can.”