Judy was my guiding light through an unknown landscape in creating my first book. I knew when I met her she had a methodical and calming approach to help me through the journey. She met me where I was in the process and provided me both technical and emotional guidance whenever I needed it. As the book started coming to life, Judy shared in the joy of bringing forth my work and she was truly proud of me as an author. She was a significant partner in the process and helped make what could be a daunting task, into a growth experience. I’m thrilled with the result of The CEO’s Compass and would highly recommend her to take her on your journey.

Deb Coviello, Founder of Illumination Partners

SkillBites did an exemplary job editing my book. I had hired a different editor and didn’t like the results of their work. SkillBites’ editors really polished my manuscript and made it so much better. Additionally, Judy also provides excellent client care, expedient service, and follow up. It’s a great pleasure to use their service.

Birgitte Tan, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, International Speaker, Author and Life Coach, Los Angeles, CA

I’ve worked with Judy Weintraub and the SkillBites team on two books and all I can say is AMAZING! The books were very different in size, format, and style and the SkillBites team did not bat an eye with either one. One of the things I especially love about their service is the ‘a la carte’ approach. If you want proofreading but not editing, no problem. If you want them to layout the cover, but you give them the design, no problem. In other words, they are very careful with your money, and if you don’t want the service, you don’t have to buy it. I had different resources for the two books so I was able to order different services without a hitch and saved money. They work fast, efficiently and are incredibly flexible. I can’t imagine going to anyone else to get my book published!

Eric Walton, author of Downline Leadership and The 5 Pillars, Bend, OR

Working with SkillBites was a pleasure.  I was a novice in the publishing arena, and they were patient, responsive and helpful in answering all my questions.  Judy Weintraub and her team understood my short and long-term goals and effectively transformed my ideas into reality.  I thought the editors added value to the text and the design team created stunning formatting and visuals.  Then, Judy seamlessly managed the entire process including the minutiae of Amazon publishing.  SkillBites is prompt and professional.  I plan to write another book and will definitely use SkillBites’ publishing services again.

Todd Cipperman, Esq., Cipperman Compliance Services, Wayne, PA

Writing a SkillBite was a great experience for me.  I really appreciated the encouragement and follow-up I received from SkillBites to help my co-author and me complete our book.  The platform was easy to use and our book came out looking great.  Another feature of the SkillBites author platform that appealed to me was that I own the copyright to my material.  I have the right to take my material and expand it into a longer book or use the content in other ways.  My co-author and I are in the process of writing our 2nd book, which we will also publish through SkillBites.

Hilary Blair, President, Articulate: Real&Clear, Denver, CO

I had been thinking about ways to package my content for a long time, but hadn’t figured out how to do it.  I needed a way to expand my customer base and provide guidance to my non-local customers.  SkillBites offered the perfect solution for me.  I’ve now written 3 books in a series that will extend to several more. Not only have I gained new customers for my dog training business, but surprisingly, I have also gained new customers for my canine art business as a result of becoming a published author.  It’s been a very rewarding experience.

Miriam Hughes, MissBehave Dog Training, North Carolina

I paid a lot of money to a book publisher to include an article I wrote in a composite book with several other authors, before I learned about SkillBites.  With SkillBites, I got my own book and at a much more affordable price.  It was easy to use the SkillBites template and I felt well-treated through the whole process.

Sara Canuso, President, A Suitable Solutions, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I’ve now written three eBooks with SkillBites, and have found the process amazingly easy to use.  The template allowed me to quickly and effortlessly have the books completed.  They are very professional and I have been using the books to send to prospective customers as well as to obtain speaking gigs.  My books have not only assisted me in getting leads and converting more prospects into clients, I’ve also been able to increase my consulting rate, in keeping with my status as an author of several published books.

Terri Levine, The Business Growth Expert, North Wales, Pennsylvania

SkillBites went above and beyond to make it easy for me to write my book on employment law.  The process was intuitive, and I received very helpful guidance and excellent feedback.  The process was so easy that I was able to complete my book and get it published much quicker than I expected.  That was really important to me, because as a solo practitioner, I did not want to spend a lot of time writing a book.

Ayesha Hamilton, Hamilton Law Firm, Lansdale, Pennsylvania

I really appreciated the help and support I received from SkillBites in getting my first book written, edited and looking so good.  The assistance and attention to detail made such a big difference for me.  The SkillBites author platform is really awesome and so many people will benefit from this service, especially those “want to be” authors that can’t seem to get their book from their mind into print.

Sharon Muir, Inspired Life Coaching, 2012 International Coach of the Year, Erdenheim, Pennsylvania

Publishing my book has been an amazing credibility builder for me.  I have been able to obtain more speaking engagements in front of my core prospects and generate more business.  My book is really paving the way toward the business growth I have planned.

Kimberly Rice, KLA Marketing Associates, Cherry Hill, NJ.

When I decided to publish my book, I was getting disparate information from different sources. Then, I got in touch with Judy Weintraub, who, even before signing a contact with me, took the time to explain to me the publishing process in a professional, attentive and caring way. I signed up to use her services at SkillBites and am very happy with the final result and the experience. I highly recommend Judy and her company SkillBites to any new and established authors to benefit from her valuable expertise and professionalism.

Samuele Bagnai, author of The Tuscan Who Sold His Fiat to the Pope, San Diego, CA

It’s been amazing how much more credibility my book has given me.  I’m getting comments about my book from people all across the country.  It has certainly raised my profile and expanded my circle of influence.  I used SkillBites to help me get the book done.  They were great to work with and I highly recommend the SkillBites team.

Alex Ruggieri, Senior Investment Advisor, Champaign Illinois

In the 6 months since my first book came out, I can hardly believe the difference that one book has made for my business.  People view me now as an expert.  I am getting many more calls for people seeking my expertise, and consequently I am also landing more business.  I have gained more confidence as well, which has been a significant factor in my ability to close more deals.  Thank you SkillBites for making it so easy for me to gain these advantages.

Garnett Newcombe, CEO Human Potential Consultants LLC, Carson, CA

Judy is the ultimate professional that can guide you through the difficult process of writing and promoting your book. She accomplishes this with a level of expertise that makes the mission easy. Interested in long term relationships, Judy has the right formula for her clients by providing quality work at a fair price. This makes Judy the go to person for anyone who is truly interested in a successful experience!

Rich Lucia, CEO Selling in the Now, Phoenixville, PA