Every business owner knows that the life blood of their business is sales.  Without sales, you can’t survive.  It doesn’t matter how beautiful your website is, or your marketing material.  Sales solutions strategist Carla Cherry joined me on the SkillBites Show to share her pointers for improving sales effectiveness.

Carla began her career in television. She exec-produced a show that Larry King hosted, created high-performing marketing promos for Versailles, and wrote/created the show’s after-show, Inside Versailles (which tripled the company’s overall on-line engagement).

She now empowers entrepreneurs with strategic sales strategies to find & serve their clients with optimal impact.  Carla teaches the Profitable Offer Blueprint – a course that helps entrepreneurs consistently reach $10K months by launching their Profitable Offer, so they can stop searching for the “right” marketing.

Here is a summary of some of the main tips that Carla shared:

  1. Be on fire for what you are selling.  In some form, your offer needs to be life changing to be a powerful offer.  
    • This starts with knowing your target market and the major problem your prospects are facing that you can solve, or their deepest desire or greatest fear, so your offer is irresistible.
    • Think of your 5 best customers, and who you most want to help.  What do they have in common?
  2. Create a buyer’s path to guide them to your offerings
    • When you meet someone who could be a good client, set up a date for a conversation with them
    • Follow up to confirm the date and time
    • Have a specific list of questions that will establish you as a leader
    • Have a specific topic for the call
    • Mention that if the conversation indicates that they would be a good fit, you’ll offer some ways to work with you
  3. Think of conversations in terms of enticing them to want to choose you, rather than you seeking to sell to them.  Act confident and provide value by offering solutions.  The three main issues to answer are:
    • Can you solve my problem?
    • Have you done this before?
    • What’s involved (and how much will it cost)?
  4. Speak in their language.  Conduct some market research so you know the terms your customers and prospects use to describe their greatest challenges, fears, frustrations, desires, etc.  Try to conduct at least 10 calls.  Ask for their help, and tell them the call will be no more than 45 minutes.

Carla offered to members of the SkillBites community a 45 minute strategy call to help strengthen your power offer.  Just email Carla at cherryproductionsnc@gmail.com.