Guest post by Joseph Mercado

When it comes to being a non-fiction author, there is a lot that goes into the process of reaching your goals and being successful. There is a sequence to stick to and a set regimen to getting things done in the time that you set for yourself for getting your book done.

On September 24, 2019 I had the privilege to be interviewed by Judy Weintraub from SkillBites. The podcast interview was about how non-fiction authors can create their book, market it, and self-publish it when they have a completed manuscript.

In the interview, we also went over a variety of tips and methods as to how you can achieve success with writing your book. When it comes to writing, formatting, editing, copyrights, printing, marketing, advertising, branding, and publishing, you want to be sure you are equipped with the right angles and avenues as to how to get it done with ease and have a headache free experience as much as possible. And yes, there are curve balls along the way, but the point in having a book mentor like SkillBites is to alleviate as many curve balls thrown at you as possible.

This way you don’t overspend your hard-earned money and you avoid being misled by other publishing houses, agents, and companies who look to take advantage of non-fiction authors. It happens quite often. 

A lot of time and long days and nights go into getting a book done. This is why Judy Weintraub of SkillBites takes the time to conduct great quality podcast interviews so non-fiction authors like you can become acquainted with the right tools for success.

With nuggets of wisdom from years of experience, you can find it easier to write your book and get the assistance you need for getting it published from publishers such as SkillBites and for leveraging your book with platforms like MasterMind University.   You can also learn how to utilize the traffic within social media to get your message out and start revealing your story. Your book could help thousands, if not millions of people based on the fact your book could be the flashlight to someone else’s darkness.

Tune in to the podcast and learn how to get your book noticed and circulated within the industry it is related to. Thank you, Judy Weintraub, for taking the time to interview me about content development and Master Mind University.