In the May 2014 SkillBites Author Teleseminar, Luisa Rasiej, an international speaker, mentor and transformational coach, shared her process for helping her clients attain the success they desire. Rasiej gave several amazing examples of the leaps made by her clients after going through her process.

The first step in the process is knowing who you are. For this, Rasiej starts with having the client identify their top three values. She provides a list of values, and asks the client to review them quickly – the selection of words that appeal without thinking is generally more accurate than a selection over a longer period of time. After the values are identified, the client then expresses his or her ideal life. Rasiej watches carefully for signs of “limiting beliefs”, or indications that the client may not believe that the ideal life they have identified is possible or likely to occur for them.

The second stage in the process is knowing what you want. Here, Rasiej asks the client to identify the top 3 desires (usually one each in the areas of financial, relationships and health). Rasiej then digs into these, asking the client why they want each one, and repeating that question for each response. The more specific the desire, the better the client will be able to envision the desire’s occurrence and develop the plan for achieving it.

The third stage is developing the strategy to accomplish the desires identified in the second stage. Rasiej works with the client to determine the steps needed to achieve the objectives and determine how each step will be accomplished. Rasiej also helps the client overcome any limiting beliefs that could prevent the client from accomplishing the steps. She does this by investigating into the origin of the belief, which usually occurs in the first 7 years of someone’s life. Once the origin is uncovered, Rasiej creates a different perception for the client and provides a new pattern or exercise, sometimes in the form of an affirmation. Rasiej keeps these exercises to just a minute at a time, so that they are not too burdensome and can be done consistently. When the new pattern is done consistently, it creates a new habit, which leads to feeling differently and, more importantly, to an improved belief. 

Rasiej finds it extremely rewarding to help people achieve greater success in their life. She offered to the SkillBites community a complimentary 20 minute exploration with her where she will help you identify a stumbling block to your success and provide an exercise to create a new habit and belief, enabling you to achieve greater success. To take advantage of this opportunity, email her at, and include in the subject line “Claiming My 20 Minutes”. For more information about Luisa Rasiej, visit her website at