Understanding the Energy of Moon Cycles

Guest Blog Post by Sarah Boss

Have you ever had trouble sleeping on a full moon? Did you know that the lunar cycle can directly influence your mood? Our physical world is a reflection of the cosmic and planetary cycles observed in the sky. When we align with this energy, we create more harmony, balance and peace in our inner world. Understanding the lunar cycles of the moon can be done through some basic knowledge of Astrology- the study of how the sun, moon, planets and stars affect our daily lives. The position of the planets at our time of birth shapes our personalities and offers deep insight into what life has in store. An awareness of our Astrological blueprint helps us to better perceive our soul’s strengths and challenges, to realize our greatest potential and to understand the lessons we are meant to experience during this lifetime in areas such as relationships, health, home and career.

Each month we move through the cycles of the moon, with a cumulation of energies occurring around two main points: New and Full moons. New moons carry a yin energy, supporting us in creating new beginnings and in planning. They are a time to focus and gain clarity on our intentions in order to consciously cocreate with the universe our deepest desires. If you are new to Astrology, a great way to start is by taking note of what planets influence each moon cycle. This month’s Solar eclipse (the equivalent to a super charged New moon) is in Aires, a fire sign connected to moving forward and taking action. One way to work with these energies is to meditate on something that you would like to manifest (a new job, the publication of a book, a new health routine, etc.) and take action in order to bring your vision into reality.

Full moons carry a different vibration of completion and endings. They embody a yang energy and support us in reflection and integration rather than in charging ahead with plans. The recent Full moon in Libra (an air sign related to ideas, harmony and partnerships) brought to light anything out of balance in our relationships as well as communication patterns needing to shift. Full moons are also a powerful time for healing, illuminating any limiting beliefs or stories that have kept us back from manifesting that which our heart truly desires. 

Working with the moon cycles is a way to attune with greater ease to the ebbs and flows of life. Astrology empowers us to navigate transitions with greater confidence, providing a deepened understanding of our personal energy and its correlation to the broader cosmic rhythms.

Sarah Boss is a Healer who combines Astrology with different Healing modalities to help people reconnect with their inner light, confidently navigate major life transitions and discover self empowerment. Learn more about her offerings at her website  https://www.sarahsoulboss.com/ and Instagram @sarahsoulboss.