So you want to write a book, but maybe you have no idea how to start the process or you don’t have the time to write your book, or you’ve started writing it but are now stuck.

At SkillBites, we help you get started or unstuck and will map out the best plan to help you get your book written. Let us be your sounding board. We will answer your questions and help refine your ideas all while keeping you accountable.

Think about how much it is costing you not to have SkillBites help you, such as the customers you are not gaining because you don’t have a book that positions you as an expert.  When you let SkillBites help you, you’ll get your book written and published much more quickly, with less time on your part, and you’ll get the high quality you want in your book.

Join the 1% and actually complete your book!

I had been considering writing a book for some time, but having the discipline to sit down and begin the process was difficult. However, once I received SkillBites’ Workbook that changed. The step by step approach, broken down into bite sized pieces, not only provided me with a roadmap to get my book started, but helped me to refine my thought process to insure the book I write will be impactful, meaningful and highlights me as an expert in my field. Additionally, the weekly consulting time spent with SkillBites has held me accountable to complete the process and has provided me with a sounding board along the way. SkillBites’ Workbook and coaching service have been great tools to help me get my book written!

Frank Quinn
Senior Managing Partner
Pinnacle5 Consulting Group LLC, Mullica Hill, NJ

So How Do I Write A Book?

For starters, you can take our Book It! course that covers all the steps needed for getting your book written.  Included is a handy workbook that breaks the process down into 15-minute daily exercises. Whether you are just starting on your book or have partially written it, the course offers tons of valuable tips to help you get your book done easier and quicker.  Before you know it, you’ll have a draft ready!  Click the button for more information on the course.

For those looking for more personal or hands on support, we offer various services to help you with your writing:

      • We can get your book written for you
      • We can work with you to develop a strategic plan for getting your book done
      • We can develop an outline for your book

Click on the plus sign to see more information on each of these services:

Ghostwriting Service

No time to write your book?  Or no interest in spending your valuable time writing it? Or want to hand off the completion of your book to a professional writer?  We’ll get it written for you!  We’ll find a ghostwriter who will write your book or complete the writing for you, in your voice.  If you are starting from scratch, we’ll begin with preparing an outline; or if we’re completing a book for you, we’ll develop an outline of the remaining portion.  After the outline is approved, the ghostwriter will interview you to get the content out of your head for each chapter, and review materials you’ve created, such as presentations, articles, blog posts and videos.  You can review each chapter as it is drafted to provide your feedback, and review the full book when it is completed.  Your book will be done much quicker, with much less of your time required, so you can spend your time doing what you do best.  And because it is written by a professional writer, it will be the high quality you desire.

Strategic Book Plan Service

You may have multiple topics you are thinking of writing on, or have a ton of material and need help figuring out what should go in your book.  With this service, we help you determine the best topic so that the book you are writing is the RIGHT book for you. We’ll ask you critical questions such as what are your goals?  Have you identified the right target audience, and is your topic aligned with the needs of that audience?

You don’t want to waste your time writing a book that isn’t going to get you the results you seek.  A major reason many authors get stuck in the writing stage is because their topic isn’t the right topic. This service could be exactly what you need to get unstuck. The workbook you will receive, together with the one-on-one consulting session, will not only help you identify the right topic, but will also help you outline the content you want to include in your book, which will make it much easier for you to write your book.  We’ll also devise a plan for you to carve out the time from your busy schedule to get your book done.

Book Outline Services

We understand that organizing all of the steps to get your book written can be overwhelming. That is why we will put together a detailed outline of your book from the information you give us to make it easier to get your book written.

Step 1: We send you a workbook with questions to review.

Step 2: We will schedule a call with you (either by phone or video conference) to go over the workbook and refine the answers to the questions.

Step 3: After the workbook is completed, we will schedule a second call to go into more detail about your book.

Step 4: We will put together an outline of your book and send it to you for your input. We’ll incorporate your feedback into the outline and send you a revised version.

Step 5: Once your outline is completed, you can either take the outline and write your book yourself, or we can write the book for you. It’s your pick! If you would like us to write the book for you, we will provide a quote for writing your book as well as for services such as: editing, book layout, cover design, formatting your book into an eBook, and publication.

What If I Need More Help?

We are here to support you.  Whatever your challenge is in finishing your book, we can help you bust through the challenge by providing step-by-step guidance to help you finish your book.

With SkillBites’ Get It Done Book Coaching* here are some of the benefits you will obtain:

    • A clear sense of your objectives for writing a book, as well as the strategy and tactics to enable you to achieve those objectives.
    • A game plan for how, when and where you’ll work on your book, with the help to keep you on track.
    • Confidence that the topic for your book will be profitable for you, in alignment with your objectives, and the topic will draw in your ideal prospects.
    • A roadmap with step-by-step directions to help you write your book easily.
    • Strategies and tactics to help get you over any writer’s block, doubts or fears.
    • Accountability to complete your book in the timeframe you set.
    • A sounding board to advise you, answer your questions and provide support to help you write a great book.

Schedule your “Get It Done Book Coaching” today!

*Sessions can last from 30 minutes to an hour and are pre-scheduled at a mutually convenient time. 24 hour notice is required to reschedule a call.

What's Next?

As you get closer to completing your book, you may be wondering what you need to do to get it published.  Here’s a list of steps you’ll need to take:

    • Get your book professionally edited and proofread. Just as you would not want to go into a job interview with a typo in your resume, you don’t want readers of your book to be dismayed by any typos, grammatical errors, ambiguities or disconnects in your writing.
    • Get a professional layout designed so your book looks good.
    • Get an attractive cover designed for your book, that will meet Amazon’s cover specifications.
    • Get your book formatted for publication as a paperback book as well as an eBook.
    • Obtain ISBNs for your paperback book and eBook.
    • Seek some testimonials to include in your book, on your back cover and on your website to motivate people to buy your book.
    • Get your book and eBook on Amazon and possibly other sites, such as
    • Register your copyright interest.
    • Determine how you will promote your book.

We’ve got you covered.  You can learn about how to do each of these and more in our Publish It! Course, and you can get all of these services conveniently under one roof at SkillBites.

Do you need an illustrator?

We will find an illustrator for you to create beautiful illustrations for your book.