Let’s face it – writing a book is HARD!

Many business owners want to write a book, knowing how valuable it will be for them to be a published author, but can’t get it done.  It’s hard to write a book when you are running a business. There’s not even enough time to get the work done, much less write a book.  Where do you even start?


Purchase our Writing Made Easy Workbook and learn our proven step-by-step book

 writing system so you can get your book written easily even if you are starting from 

scratch, have limited time and aren’t a writer.


Many people dream of writing a book, but not knowing what to do next gets in the way and stops many people from sharing their message with the world. This
workbook is a step by step guide that walks you through the answers to your question “now what?” As an author of five books I know this resource will help many write their book. Congratulations SkillBites for creating a step by step guide to move people into action.

Charmaine Hammond,

Bestselling & award winning author, Alberta Canada


Publishing a book is one of the best ways for a business owner to showcase their expertise and get known. The challenge for business owners is finding the time to write a book. In this guide, SkillBites not only explains how to write a book, it has broken the process down into manageable 15 minute increments. Having written over a dozen books myself, I found the content high quality and I am sure it will be invaluable to many business owners and professionals for writing their books.

Terri Levine
Bestselling author, business mentoring expert and CEO of Terri Levine Worldwide,
North Wales, Pennsylvania.

You’re SMART – You Want the Easy Way!

While there is a ton of information out there on book writing, do you really want to spend your time slogging through it all?  We’ve incorporated into this workbook the most important information for business owners and professionals to get their books done so you don’t have to waste your valuable time.

In this workbook, you’ll learn . . .

  • How to lay the groundwork before beginning to write your book so your book will help you achieve the results you seek;
  • How to choose the right topic for your book that will attract your target reader;
  • What steps to take to prepare for the writing of your book, which will make writing much easier;
  • Lots more tips to make the writing process easier, such as how to speak your book, for those who are better at speaking than writing; and
  • What steps you’ll need to take after the manuscript is written to publish your book.