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FAQs on Getting Rid of Clutter

By Julie Coraccio

How Can I Hire the Right Professional Declutterer?

Hiring someone to come into your home or office, is a big deal. You might have had someone judge you in the past and you’re hesitant. Or you aren’t sure how to find someone that’s a good fit for you. 

Hiring A Professional Organizer

If you’re hesitant about hiring someone, I’d encourage you to ask yourself some questions. How long have you had the clutter or been disorganized? Have you tried to deal with it in the past but were not successful? What’s the clutter and/or disorganization costing you: money, time, peace of mind? I have had many clients tell me they wish they didn’t wait so long before calling someone for support. 

Things to Consider When Hiring A Pro Organizer

  • Price. Most websites list prices. If you’re motivated, one session with a professional may be all you need. I encourage you to look at this as not only an investment but also a life improvement.  Don’t forget the long-term benefits of working with a pro.
  • Memberships. I used to belong to NAPO, but, for me, I didn’t get many benefits or referrals, so it made no sense to continue. But, if that’s important to you, research the different types of professional organizations and what the requirements are to belong.
  • Location. If you need someone to physically come to your home, make sure they service your area. Ask if there are additional fees for travel time. Know that virtual sessions are available by many.
  • Business Licenses. Make sure they are a legitimate business. I’m hesitant if someone just has an Email and no website. I never ask for money until after service is rendered. Do your due diligence if someone wants money upfront. Some might do this for package deals or to hold in case you cancel. If they do, this should be upfront in your conversation, contract, and on their website.
  • Style/Specializations. I’m not Martha Stewart and for someone who wants to emulate her, I wouldn’t be a good fit. Someone with a similar philosophy and outlook is important. I’m passionate about clutter from a holistic lens and cover more than just physical clutter.  Some people are trained in chronic disorganization, ADHD, and more. Understand what specialties and styles you need.
  • Referrals.  Even if someone is new in business, they should be able to give you a referral. Many list testimonials on the website. If you’re reading reviews, take them with a grain of salt. If there are mostly good reviews, trust that.

What Else is Important?

Confidentiality I’ve never seen anyone violate a client’s confidence and many, like me, list confidentiality policies on their website.

Contract or Agreement. Most professional organizers will have a contract. Review and ask questions. It should outline things such as hourly rate, travel time, what they will provide you. For example, when I finish working with a client, I create a Clutter Control Plan. This document can protect you as well as the professional organizer.

Ask questions! Express any concerns you have, especially if you’ve had a bad experience. The more information the organizer has the better they can address your concerns and make sure you’re a good fit.

Most Importantly

Here is what I consider the most important: listening to your intuition, and trusting your gut. It’s there for a reason. Most people give you a good idea of who they are on their website. Many times, you know if someone is a potential fit or not. Most decluttering specialists I know offer some type of free consultation. I would encourage talking with someone before hiring. It’s okay to talk to a few potential people and I encourage it. 

I believe what’s most important when choosing someone is that you have a good fit personality-wise. You’re bringing someone into your life and home and you want to feel comfortable. Even if you aren’t there for the sessions, they are intimately involved having someone you trust and enjoy having in your home makes all the difference.

Other Options

Be open to alternative ways to get support. Maybe a life coach can help you figure out the cause of your clutter. Or reading a book or completing a course could work because you’re motivated.

Takeaways for hiring a Professional Organizer for Home Decluttering

  1. Decide what the most important criteria are for you to hire a professional decluttering expert.
  2. Listen to your intuition on who is the right fit or what’s the right method for you.
  3. Ask questions!

What’s most important to you when hiring a professional organizer? What else do you need to consider?

When you clear your clutter you can create the life and home you love!

About Julie Coraccio

Julie Coraccio is an award-winning professional declutterer, life & end-of-life organizer, certified life coach, and author of 15 books.  She is passionate about supporting people in clearing clutter in all areas of their lives; getting organized; and becoming more mindful and aware. For a decade, she hosted the popular podcast, Clear Your Clutter Inside & Out.

Happily married to Tony she is also at the beck and call of rescued black cats Antonio, NiNi, and Gus. Based in Wheeling, WV, Julie works with people all over the world. She enjoys hiking, reading, learning about environmental and animal issues, baking, and spending time with her nieces and nephew. The bathtub is her woman cave.