Which One Are You?

At SkillBites, we have multiple services on helping empower you to write, publish and promote your book. Wherever you are on your book writing journey, we have services to help you get your book done quickly and easily.

I Need Some Help

This is for writers who haven’t started writing their book or who have started but have gotten stuck.

Ready To Publish

This is for those who have completed their book and are ready to move to the publication stage.

Show Me Off

This is for authors who have published their book and want to showcase their book.

I've worked with Judy Weintraub and the SkillBites team on two books and all I can say is SkillBites is AMAZING

Eric WaltonPresident, PL Coaches, LLC, Bend OR

SkillBites went above and beyond to make it easy for me to write my book on employment law.  The process was intuitive, and I received very helpful guidance and excellent feedback.

Ayesha HamiltonHamilton Law Firm, Princeton, NJ

Working with SkillBites was a pleasure. I plan to write another book and will definitely use SkillBites’ publishing services again.

Todd Cipperman, Esq.Managing Principal, Cipperman Compliance Services, Wayne, PA

Learn How – Self-Guided Courses


Whether you are seeking to write a book or to figure out how to publish a book, SkillBites has the courses for you! These courses provide the tips and tricks of successful authors to help future and experienced writers get their books written and published quickly and easily.

Perfect for those wanting a roadmap to get their book done more efficiently and quickly.

Perfect for those who want to know how to publish, promote and leverage their book.

See What Others Have Done!

See first hand how SkillBites has helped authors write their books and get published.

What Are The Steps To Get Started?

Getting started with SkillBites is easy. Our four step process allows you the flexibility to identify the services you want to get your book published. 

1.) We Chat

The first step in the process is to schedule a call so we can identify which services you would like us to quote for you.

2.) We Quote

We will develop a quote and send it to you for your review.

3.) We Chat More

We go through any questions you might have and iron out the details. Once our quote is approved, we develop an agreement and send it to you for your review.

4.) We Get The Work Done

Once you sign the agreement and return it with the initial deposit, we’ll get started with the work!

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