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Bryan Heathman

Bryan Heathman Is President of Made for Success, Inc, a personal development publisher specializing in business and life-skill audio, video and eBooks from the world’s top authors and speakers. Mr. Heathman has grown the company from the idea phase through product distribution with mass merchant retail chains worldwide, including Costco, Sam’s Club, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Target and WalMart. Mr. Heathman is also the author of the book Conversion Marketing, on using powerful psychological buying triggers in an eCommerce storefront to convert website visitors into paying customers.

Bonus: Free audio entitled Dirty Little Secrets Publishers Don’t Want Authors to Know.

This program is an in-depth exploration into the extremely relevant question for today’s authors: Should I self-publish or pursue a legacy publishing contract? You will discover the logic of these approaches, the financial aspects of royalties, book marketing strategies and how these options will contribute to your success as an author. You will hear stories from first time authors and how they turned their book into a best seller. Also discover how to add subtle nuances to a book title and description which can yield staggering results from online searches. Get a clear understanding of “book derivatives” and how you can boost the income from your book by 200% with a clever product strategy.

Value: $13.95

Ellen Violette

As a top eBook and Internet marketing coach, Ellen has years of experience as a published writer, copywriter and editor, and has co-written an eBook marketing book, Sell More Books! Low & No-Cost Tactics to Exploder Your eBook Sales and Downloads. As an avid entrepreneur and consultant, Ellen’s eBook coaching system teaches writers how to write an eBook in less than 72 hours and use the many outlets available online to promote and generate income from it.

Bonus: Free eBook entitled 1 eBook Solutions: The 12 Secrets To Turning A Single eBook Into A 6 Figure Income.

In this comprehensive ebook-marketing ebook, Ellen will show you how to create a 6-figure income from a single ebook using the proven system she herself created and has shared with her students all over the world from every walk of life. Learn her step-by-step system with easy-to-follow instructions, summaries and “to do” lists for each chapter divided into two parts: first building the foundation, and then marketing. This is 231-pages jam-packed with information you don’t usually find in ebooks! So grab your copy now!

Value: $47

Judy Cullins

Judy Cullins is the author of 13 books and packages on book writing, publishing, promotion and small business marketing with articles and social networking, including the best seller, How to Write your eBook or Other Short Book Fast! A business person and book coach for 25 years, Judy has helped her clients publish their books and build their business with social media, blogs and sharing their branding story.

Bonuses: 2 free ebooks: 10 Tips To Get Started In Writing A Book, and How to Write a Book Title That Sells.

Veteran book coaching expert Judy Cullins has worked with hundreds of authors, In her book, 10 Tips to Get Started Writing a Book, Judy shares her best practices and lessons learned in getting started. You will be far more likely to successfully write, publish, and sell your book if you follow these tips before you write a single chapter. Did you know that the title of a book is one of the most important factors considered by purchasers when deciding to buy a book?

In How To Write Your Best Book Title That Sells, Judy Cullins gives you some quick tips for writing a book title that will increase the sales of your book.

Value: $30

Teresa de GrosBois

An international speaker, trainer and three-time bestselling author, Teresa de Grosbois is an expert on growing influence and generating word of mouth epidemics. She has been featured on television across Canada, including CBC, Global, CTV and City TV. She is passionate about teaching others to play bigger and to generate wealth by creating more powerful relationships with others, both locally and internationally.

Bonus: Free Gift: Flame to Fame

Go Flame to Fame in 30 days and plan the possibility of your dream. You will learn who are the influences in your life, the language of your spark, are you playing big enough, how to dive into your passion and so much more.

Value: $47

Terri Levine

Business and executive coach Terri Levine, PhD is an experienced entrepreneur and assists entrepreneur-owned growth businesses worldwide as a business and executive coach and marketing consultant. She has more than 30 years of business experience, including working with more than 5,000 business owners and entrepreneurs in a variety of industries. She is also a best selling author and key note speaker.

Bonuses: Free Home Study Course on Attracting High Paying Clients That Love You.

This course includes 8 hours of audio plus 2 e-manuals giving you hundreds of tips and techniques to attract clients that are your ideal clients, love you, AND are high paying clients! You will learn How to meet more high paying clients in this challenging economy, How to overcome objections and enroll people in your services, How to use the most powerful closes without applying pressure or being sales AND MUCH MORE!

Value: $147