What Do I Do Next?

Congratulations, you’ve written your book! Now what?

Do you really want to spend your valuable time learning what you need to do to get your book published, and then taking all those steps? Do you know where to go to find a good editor, layout designer and cover designer? While you can do the steps yourself, you may not get the quality you are seeking, and in that case, your book may actually end up detracting from your credibility instead of enhancing it. We can handle any or all of the steps to get your book published in a quality manner. We have turnkey packages as well as a la carte services. Below is a list of some of the many publishing services SkillBites offers. Click on the + symbol to learn what is covered in the service.

Editing and Proofing

We’ll provide a professional editor and proofreader to ensure clarity and flow of text and correct grammatical and other errors in your book.  You’ll receive a file that is marked to show the changes for your review.


We will obtain ISBNs for your print book and eBook, as well as a bar code for your back cover.

Copyright Registration

We will register your copyright with the US Copyright Office.

Book Layout

We’ll create a layout design for your manuscript, to give your book a professional appearance. We will send you a list of layout issues for you to provide your preferences; if you have no preferences, we’ll provide a few sample layout designs for you.

Cover Design

We’ll talk to you about your vision for the front cover and create some sample front covers for your review. When the front cover is approved, we’ll take the information you want on the back cover and prepare that. We’ll provide a bar code for the back cover and submit a full cover to you for your approval.

Book Formatting

Once the cover is approved, we’ll have the book formatted for publication as an eBook and paperback.

Amazon Optimization

We’ll perform research to determine the key words used by your target market, and recommend ways to optimize the description of your book, your book categories and other meta data to increase the likelihood that your book will be found by the audience you seek.


We’ll send you a list of information we will need from you, such as a description of your book and the pricing of your eBook and print book. After we receive the meta-data information from you, we’ll start the publication process. We will provide you with a digital proof of your book, and when you advise that you approve the digital proof, we will order a print proof for you. Once you approve the print proof, we will get your book on Amazon and Kindle as well as any other book retail sites that you request. Then we’ll order the paperback copies of your book that are included in your publishing package, to be shipped to your address.

Book Reviews

We offer a service for getting book reviews for you and getting your book listed in online directories.

Marketing Services

We also offer a variety of marketing services to promote your book, such as:

      • Book Launch Campaign
      • Social Media Campaign
      • PR Campaign
      • Bestseller Campaign

Staying Informed

You will also receive our monthly newsletter, with tips for authors and business owners, and information on our upcoming SkillBites Show, where each episode is designed to foster the growth and success of our authors.

Interested in learning how to do these steps yourself?

Take the SkillBites Publish It! Course.  You’ll gain an understanding of what’s needed, how to find editors and obtain ISBNs, how to get your book on Amazon and other platforms as well as how to optimize your book on Amazon, how to promote your book and how to leverage your book.  For more information on the course click the button: