Do you want to publish a book but don’t know what the steps are to publish it, launch it and build a solid revenue producing business behind it?

SkillBites, creator of a publishing platform designed specifically for business owners and professionals to get their books published quickly and conveniently, has developed an online course to provide step-by-step guidance for publishing your book

The Publish It! Learn to Publish, Promote, and Leverage Your Book Course!

This course will take you through all the steps. It will be perfect for you if you have written a book and want to . . .

  • Know how to take your book from manuscript to publication.
  • Learn how to get your book on Amazon and other platforms.
  • Understand how to promote your book.
  • Find out how to leverage your book.

As a published author, you can...

✔️ Get more of the highly coveted clients you desire.

✔️ Charge higher fees—even as much as doubling your current asking price.

✔️ Establish your expertise overnight—expertise that you don’t have to explain because no one will question you.

✔️ Get paid speaking engagements and media interviews.

You go through each module at your own pace, online in the private members’ area, from the comfort of your own home or office. So it easily fits into your schedule, even if you’re busy!

In this course, you’ll learn . . .

          ✔️ Where to find an editor, layout designer and cover designer.

          ✔️ How to sell your paperback book and eBook on Amazon.

          ✔️ How to gain buzz for your book.

          ✔️ How to sell your book in bulk, get paid speaking engagements and build a platform around your book.

All you need to do is . . .

✔️Watch the videos
✔️Take action
✔️Get results


This course comes with a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. You have 2 weeks to try it out. If you don’t feel you’ve received value at least as great as the fee you paid, let us know and we’ll refund your money. You just need to show that you’ve reviewed the course and done some of the exercises. If you don’t put in any effort, you won’t get any results.


Judy Weintraub is an accomplished entrepreneur, business executive and attorney and is a bestselling author of The Essentials of Negotiating Effectively and the author of How to Build Successful Business Partnerships.  She is the founder of SkillBites, providing book writing and publishing services designed specifically to help business owners and professionals get their books written and published easily and quickly.  In addition to SkillBites, Judy runs Weintraub Legal Services, providing dispute resolution services and corporate law services to small businesses.