May '24 Newsletter  

May Happenings

May is one of my favorite months. It’s the month of my wedding anniversary, as well as the anniversary of our first date; May 4 is Star Wars Day (may the ‘fourth’ be with you) as well as the running of the Kentucky Derby. May 5 is Cinco de Mayo, May 12 is Mother’s Day, and the month of May is “Get Caught Reading” month.

This was launched by the Association of American Publishers in 1999 to promote the importance of reading and to encourage people to spend less time on social media, mobile phone apps, etc.

In addition, May brings warm weather, blossoming flowers and a renewed sense of creative energy for writers. I hope this month inspires your literary aspirations.

In this month’s SkillBites newsletter, we have lots to share. You can read about a new book we are publishing, our recent and upcoming podcast episodes, a new and exciting development for authors on Amazon, the importance of having your own publishing account, the Federal Trade Commission’s ban of non-compete clauses, and how to use content marketing to increase the buzz about your book.

1. New Book Forthcoming

SkillBites will soon be publishing the first book of Valarie King Bailey called Never Never Quit: Navigating The Path To Professional And Personal Triumph. Valarie takes you through her improbable journey from Chicago’s notorious housing projects to the pinnacle of her personal and professional success as CEO of one of the INC 5000’s fastest growing companies in America. In a world where obstacles seem insurmountable and dreams sometimes appear distant, Never Never Quit is a life guide to unlocking the power within you.

This transformative book dives into the essence of resilience, determination, and the relentless pursuit of success against all odds. Discover the tools and mindset needed to bounce back from setbacks and turn adversity into opportunity. Learn practical, actionable steps to face and conquer the challenges that stand between you and your goals.

2. SkillBites Podcast

Each month, we bring you an expert to help you get your book done, leverage your book, grow your business or improve your life.  The shows are recorded, and you can listen to the recording by clicking here.

In this month’s episode, I will be providing a short video showing how to add A+ content to a book detail page on Amazon. A+ content is Amazon’s latest innovation, allowing authors to add content to their book’s detail page on Amazon that will attract more readers to purchase their book. For more information on the value of adding A+ content, read below.

In last month’s episode, my guest was Sarah Boss, a certified Astrology Coach and Holistic Healer. Sarah explained how astrology is a powerful tool for gaining more awareness around your inherent gifts and aligning your business with the energy of the cosmos. Sarah offered an astrological cheat sheet listing the main dates this year for retrogrades and eclipses to enable writers and business people to plan the new projects and events for optimum timing, and work more efficiently. To obtain Sarah’s gift, email her at

To listen to this episode, click here. To read a blog post on the power of the moon cycles, click here. When you understand the energy of moon cycles, you can attune with greater ease to the ebbs and flows of life.

Do you have expertise that you believe would benefit the SkillBites community of entrepreneurs and authors? If you would like to be the guest on the monthly SkillBites Show, contact me at or 610-783-4519. If there is a topic you would like to hear on the podcast, let me know and I’ll look for an expert to cover that.

3. Amazon's A+ Content

Amazon has recently added a new feature to its book detail pages called From the Publisher. In this section, the author or publisher can add content that will make a book stand out more. Amazon has even created templates that can be used to make it easy to upload content. You can add banners, your logo, your headshot and bio, awards, highlights from your book, images, other books you’ve written, timelines, comparison charts, more context on characters in your book, and other types of content.

There are guidelines that must be followed. For instance, you cannot include pricing, promotional details or discounts; nor can you include customer reviews, although you can include up to four quotes or endorsements from well-known publications or public figures.

To create A+ Content, go to the Marketing tab in your KDP account. Scroll down until you see A+ Content. There you would select the marketplace (e.g., and click Manage A+ Content, and then either add the ASIN or book title, or click the button Start creating A+ content. Next, click the button at the bottom of the screen Add Module, and choose one or more modules to create a layout. After you’ve added modules to your layout, you can re-order and remove modules, add images and add text.

To learn more about the A+ Content Guidelines and creating A+ Content, click here or go to

4. Obtain your own publishing account

If you have published your book through SkillBites’ publishing accounts or a different publisher’s accounts, you should consider setting up your own publishing accounts. For one, your publisher may not be around forever, and then you could lose your future royalties, not be able to order copies of your book at cost or make changes to your book’s content or meta data. For another, having your own account enables you to receive 100% of the royalties directly into your bank account, view your royalty reports and order copies of your book whenever you want, change your paperback and/or eBook price and make any other updates to your book’s content or meta data.

SkillBites is extending its offer from last month to help authors set up their own KDP account at a discounted fee of $200 (reduced from the regular fee of $300) and, if their book is currently in SkillBites’ KDP account, SkillBites will transfer the book to the author’s own account. Also included is a 15 minute zoom session to go over how to access and use your account. For authors who may have more than one book published in SkillBites’ KDP account, or who have their book also published in SkillBites’ IngramSpark publishing account, the fee would be an additional $50 for transferring each book beyond the first one, and $100 for the additional account setup on IngramSpark and transfer of one book. 

NOTE: when your book is transferred from the SkillBites KDP account to your own account, you will lose all of your reviews. Also, you will need a new ISBN and bar code, which means obtaining a revised cover (to replace the bar code on the back cover with a new bar code) and a new layout file and eBook file (to change the ISBN on the copyright page). SkillBites can provide these services for you, and will provide a quote upon request.

5. FTC Bans Non-Competes

On April 23, 2024, the Federal Trade Commission issued a final rule banning non-compete clauses nationwide. The aim is to protect the fundamental freedom of workers to change jobs, as well as to increase innovation and foster new business formation. The rule is expected to result in higher earnings for workers, and lower healthcare costs, as well as drive innovation, with over 17,000 more patents each year, and at least 2.7% additional new businesses per year.

Under the new rule, non-compete clauses will be unenforceable except for those currently in place for senior executives. New non-complete clauses even for senior executives are banned. Further, employers are required to notify their workers that they will not be enforcing any non-competes against them (other than senior executives under existing non-competes). To aid employers’ compliance with this requirement, the Commission has included model language in the final rule that employers can use to communicate to workers. 

Employers can still protect proprietary and other sensitive information through non-disclosure agreements, trade secret law, and trademark and patent law. The FTC’s rule banning non-competes becomes effective 120 days after publication in the Federal Register.

6. Tip of the Month: Strategies for marketing and promoting your book:  Step 5 - Utilize Content Marketing

Last month, I delved into the fourth of 7 effective strategies for marketing and promoting your business book: leveraging influencer marketing. When you collaborate with influencers, you can greatly boost your reach, credibility, and sales. If you missed reading about this strategy or any of the earlier marketing strategies, you can find the newsletters on the SkillBites website by clicking here or go to the Resources tab at and click on Newsletters.

This month looks at another key aspect of an author’s marketing strategy: utilizing content marketing. As an author, writing a book is just the first step in your journey. Once your masterpiece is complete, it's time to focus on getting it out into the world and connecting with potential readers.

One powerful tool at your disposal is content marketing, which involves creating and distributing valuable content to attract and engage your target audience. By utilizing content marketing strategies, you can effectively create awareness about your book and build a thriving community of loyal readers. Here are some tips on how to leverage content marketing to achieve these goals.

  • Define your target audience: Before diving into content creation, it's crucial to identify who your ideal reader is. Ask yourself questions like: What demographic are they part of? What are their interests? What are their pain points? Understanding your audience will help you tailor your content to their needs and preferences, ensuring it resonates with them and grabs their attention.
  • Establish a content strategy: Once you know your target audience, develop a content strategy that aligns with your book's theme or genre. This could include maintaining a blog on your website, writing guest posts for other relevant blogs or publications, creating video or audio content, or leveraging social media platforms. Consider the types of content that will best engage your audience and fit your own preferences and strengths as a writer.
  • Create valuable and captivating content: Instead of focusing solely on self-promotion, aim to provide content that is genuinely helpful, entertaining, or inspiring to your potential readers. Craft blog posts, articles, or videos that delve into topics related to your book or that tap into broader themes that may interest your target audience. Offer advice, insights, or entertaining stories that showcase your unique voice and expertise. The key is to provide value that keeps readers coming back for more.
  • Optimize content for search engines: To ensure your content reaches a wider audience, it's essential to optimize it for search engines. Incorporate relevant keywords throughout your content to improve its visibility in search engine results. Conduct keyword research using tools like Google Keyword Planner or SEMrush to identify the terms your target audience is searching for. However, remember to prioritize quality and relevance over keyword stuffing, as search engines now consider user intent and overall content quality.
  • Engage with your audience: Content marketing is not a one-way conversation. Actively engage with your potential readers by responding to comments on your blog, social media platforms, or guest posts. Encourage discussions, ask for feedback, and foster a sense of community and connection among your audience. Building relationships with your readers is crucial for building loyalty and trust, increasing the likelihood that they will not only become dedicated fans of your work but also spread the word about your book to others.
  • Leverage social media platforms: Social media can be a potent tool for promoting your content and connecting with readers. Identify which platforms are most popular among your target audience, whether it's Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or even niche platforms like Bookstagram or Goodreads. Share your content on these platforms, engage with your followers, and use targeted advertisements or collaborations with influencers to expand your reach. Social media also allows you to share behind-the-scenes glimpses into your writing process, giving readers a sense of connection and exclusivity.
  • Collaborate with other authors or influencers: Partnering with other authors or influencers in your genre can help you reach a wider audience. Guest blogging on other authors' websites, guest podcasting on the podcasts of others who cater to your target market, co-hosting virtual events or podcasts, and participating in author interviews can introduce you to new readers who are already interested in your genre. By tapping into existing communities, you can leverage their trust and credibility to amplify your own visibility and reputation.

Remember, content marketing is a long-term game that requires consistency and persistence. Stay committed to creating valuable content, engaging with your audience, and adapting your strategies based on feedback and insights. By utilizing content marketing effectively, you can successfully create awareness for your book, engage with potential readers, and build a dedicated fanbase that will eagerly anticipate your future works.

Thanks for supporting SkillBites. If there is anything you think we ought to be doing better or anything we should be doing that we’re not, please let us know. We value your input.