So you’re a little stuck.

You’ve started your book and now you are questioning whether it’s the right topic, or you are having doubts about whether anyone will want to read your book, or aren’t sure what material to include and what to omit.  Perhaps you are wondering how to publish it, or, you are having trouble finding the time to finish writing your book.

Did you know that most people never finish writing their book?  Usually it’s because they lose focus, feel unsure how to proceed, get stuck or get overwhelmed. Whether you are writing a business book or a memoir, we can help you bust through these challenges by providing step-by-step guidance to help you finish writing your book.

Our Aids:

Ghostwriting Service

No time to write your book?  Or no interest in spending your valuable time writing it?  We’ll get it written for you!  We’ll find a ghostwriter who will write your book in your voice.  First, we’ll begin with preparing an outline.  After you have approved that, the ghostwriter will interview you to get the content out of your head for each chapter, and review materials you’ve created, such as presentations, articles, blog posts and videos.  You can review each chapter as it is drafted to provide your feedback, and review the full book when it is completed.

Strategic Book Plan Service

We help you determine the best topic so that the book you are writing is the RIGHT book for you.  We ask you critical questions such as, what are your goals?  Have you identified the right target audience, and is your topic aligned with the needs of that audience?

We want you to answer these questions so that you know you are on the right track with the book you are writing before you waste time and effort. The workbook you will receive, followed by the one-on-one call, will not only help you identify the right topic, but will help you outline the content you want to include in your book, which will make it much easier for you to write your book. We’ll also devise a plan for you to carve out the time from your busy schedule to get your book done.

Get It Done Book Coaching*

Our Get It Done Book Coaching program helps you complete your book by giving you:

  • A clear sense of your objectives for writing a book, as well as the strategy and tactics to enable you to achieve those objectives.
  • A game plan for how, when and where you’ll work on your book, with the help to keep you on track.
  • Confidence that your topic is the right one for you, in alignment with your objectives and will draw in your ideal prospects. 
  • A roadmap with step-by-step directions to help complete your book.
  • One-on-one coaching to get you over any writer’s block, doubts or fears, as well as to hold you accountable, answer your questions and provide support and advice to help you write a great book.

Schedule your Get It Done Book Coaching today!

*Sessions can be scheduled for 30 minutes or longer, and pre-scheduled at a mutually convenient time. 24 hour notice is required to reschedule a call.

What’s Next?

As you are getting closer to completing your book, it’s time to start thinking about what you need to do to get it published.

    • Get your book professionally edited and proofread. Just as you would not want to go into a job interview with a typo in your resume, you don’t want readers of your book to be dismayed by any typos, grammatical errors, ambiguities or disconnects in your writing.
    • Get your book to look good by having a professional layout an attractive cover designed for your book, that will meet Amazon’s cover specifications.
    • Get your book formatted for publication in both formats for eBook and paperback.
    • Get your ISBNs for your paperback book and eBook if you plan to publish them.
    • Get some testimonials to motivate people to buy your book.
    • Get your book and eBook on Amazon and possibly other sites, such as
    • Get registered for your copyright interest.
    • Get your book promoted!

Get all of these services conveniently under one roof at SkillBites.You can learn how to do each of these and more in our Publish It! Course.

Do you need an illustrator?

We will find an illustrator for you to create beautiful illustrations for your book.