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SkillBites provides monthly programs on topics designed to further your business success. Below is a list of the programs that we have produced. Click on any one of them to hear that program. Visit our blog at http://resources.skillbites.net/blog/ to read a summary of the recent programs.

If you are interested in being on the SkillBites Show, send an email to info@SkillBites.net with a brief description of your topic and your expertise on that topic. If there is a topic that you would like us to cover on our program, please let us know by emailing the topic to us at info@SkillBites.net.

I love the monthly webinars for authors and the opportunities to interact with successful authors.
The presentations are excellent in content and I always learn something new.

Eileen Colville
President of Milestone Insight, Upper Darby, PA

The Power of Hypnosis & NLP

SkillBites Show #81 with Dr. Kim Redman
Dr. Kim is Founder and CEO of Creatrix Go Quantum, Keynote Speaker, Multiple #1 International Best Selling Author, and Board Designated Master Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy® and NLP Results Coaching. In this interview, she talked about her work with Conscious Entrepreneurs, the hero’s journey, and the power of hypnosis and NLP to gain focus and achieve the results we dream of.


SkillBites Show #80 with Jerry Rosenthal
Jerry is a LEAN six sigma master and recently published author. He shared the concepts of LEAN and Six Sigma and how they can help businesses and individuals be more successful.

Achieve More, Quicker

SkillBites Show #79 with Penny Zenker
Penny is an international speaker, business strategy coach and best-selling author. She shared several tips to increase productivity, eliminate distraction, and get more of the right things done. She offered a productivity worksheet as well as a distraction quiz to become more aware of what was distracting you from being more productive.

How to Get Massive Book Sales

SkillBites Show #78 with Derek Doepker
Derek is a 7 times bestselling author who has sold over 50,000 books. In this episode, Derek shared his system for selling truckloads of books. He also offered a free copy of his eBook, Why Authors Fail.

Improving Sales by Developing a Sales Mindset

SkillBites Show #77 with Chris Spurvey
When you have the right mindset, opportunities start to appear. Listen to Chris Spurvey, a serial entrepreneur who coaches CEO’s and other execs on sales strategies that get results.

FAQs for Authors

SkillBites Show #76 with Judy Weintraub
Judy Weintraub is CEO of SkillBites. In this show she answers several frequently asked questions that authors ask in connection with writing, publishing and marketing their books.

Get Others to Promote You!

SkillBites Show #75 with Maura Sweeney
Maura Sweeney is an internationally acclaimed speaker, author, podcaster and frequent media guest. She shared a number of resources and tips for getting media interviews for authors to raise their public profile and extend their reach and credibility.

To Your Health

SkillBites Show #74 with Kim McDonough
Kim McDonough is a holistic health coach who has achieved amazing results helping people overcome chronic conditions. She offered a free clarity call to help listeners take control of their health.


SkillBites Show #73 with Karen Yankovich
Karen Yankovich is the owner of UpLevel Media and is known as the LinkedIn Queen. Karen shared tips on how to optimize your profile on LinkedIn and use LinkedIn to so you can attract more qualified prospects and build relationships with them.

Massive Marketing Power for Local Businesses

SkillBites Show #72 with Isaac Navias
Isaac Navias is the owner of LocalFi, a firm that has garnered its clients over $5 million in revenue in just the last year. Isaac shared his system for helping local businesses get on the map.

Grow Your Influence

SkillBites Show #71 with Ben Gioia
Ben is a 2X international bestselling author, an international speaker and the President of InfluenceWithAHeart.com. Ben shared his 4-part framework for growing one’s influence.

Narrate Your Own Audiobook

SkillBites Show #70 with Gabriella Cavallero
Gabriella, a coach at Articulate Real & Clear, has narrated several Emmy-nominated documentaries for PBS and over 900 audiobooks. She shared a number of tips for authors seeking to narrate their own audiobooks.

Become a Better Leader

SkillBites Show #69 with Eric Walton
Eric Walton is President of Building Up Leaders and author of Downline Leadership: Blueprint for Network Marketing Leaders. He spoke on how to become a more effective leader and develop a team of leaders.

Should You Try Facebook Ads?

SkillBites Show #68 with Julie Friedman Bacchini
Julie is founder of Neptune Moon, a digital marketing firm that she started 19 years ago, at the inception of digital marketing. Julie discussed the benefits of conducting Facebook ad campaigns as well as providing some pointers on running effective campaigns.

Getting Paid Speaking Engagements

SkillBites Show #67 with Cathleen Fillmore
Cathleen is owner of Speakers Gold, a top marketing consultant to professional speakers, former founder and President of the Canadian Association for Professional Speakers, and author of five books as well as hundreds of articles. Listen to this show to learn how to get over your fear of speaking as well as how to get paid speaking engagements. Cathleen also offered a free consultation to anyone who emails her at cathleen@speakersgold.com and writes Judy in the subject line.

Generating Leads Easier and Quicker

SkillBites Show #66 with Rick Itzkowich
Rick is a million dollar plus entrepreneur, Vistage Chair, speaker and author who has developed a powerful system for generating more leads and improving the rate for converting those leads to customers. He shared several elements of that system on the show, and offered listeners a free copy of his guide, “How to Monetize LinkedIn in 10 Minutes Per Day.” Go to NTWRK.biz/skillbites to gain access to that guide as well as to get notice when Rick’s book, The Referral Playbook, is released.

Get On The Air

SkillBites Show #65 with Dr. Gayle Carson
Gayle currently hosts a dozen radio shows per month and is the founder of the sobradionetwork.com. This show provides key information on how to get TV and radio appearances, the mistakes to avoid when you get them and the follow-up to maximize the benefit from them. Gayle offered to listeners her 6 Critical Secrets to know about your TV/Radio Interview – go to www.sob6tips.com to access that.

Thought Leadership

SkillBites Show #64 with Mitchell Levy
Mitchell is the founder of 20 companies and author of 58 books. In this interview, he discussed the power of being a thought leader and how to get a book done quickly. Mitchell’s website, www.ahathat.com/author, contains a Word document with 4 questions that writers need to answer before writing their book, as well as a pdf of the best practices for writing good social media messages to attract attention and a spreadsheet for capturing messages that could be used in social media or other marketing.

Book Marketing CPR

SkillBites Show #63 with Susan Friedmann
Susan Friedmann is owner of Aviva Publishing and a bestselling author of 14 books. She spoke on the importance of knowing your target readership and where they go to obtain the information that authors provide in their books, as well as on how to reinvigorate a book marketing campaign that has stalled. Susan offered her assessment form for determining one’s target market, as well as a 15 minute consultation with her. To obtain these, email her at susan@avivapubs.com.

Managing Projects Efficiently

SkillBites Show #62 with Jon McGlothian
Jon McGlothian, author of The Project Management Quick Start Guide, shared key steps for organizing and running projects efficiently.

Finding the Right Ghostwriter and Editor

SkillBites Show #61 with Art Lizza
Art Lizza has been a ghostwriter and editor who has contributed to over 30 books. Art explained the different levels of editing, how to choose the right editor and ghostwriter, the process he uses, whether to use a traditional publisher or self-publish and lots of other issues.

Craft An Irresistible Message

SkillBites Show #60, July 19, 2017 with Alexandra Figueredo
Alexandra Figueredo, founder of Mission Based Branding Institute, provides a roadmap for defining your mission and crafting your message to attract more of your ideal audience.

Book Promotion Tips

SkillBites Show #59, June 21, 2017 with Dan Smith
Dan Smith, CEO of Smith Publicity, shares a number of tips on what to do and what not to do when promoting your book and seeking media exposure.

Tips for Entrepreneurial Success

SkillBites Show #58, May 17, 2017 with Jason Sherman
Learn how to spend less money starting your business and increase your chances of being a successful entrepreneur with the tips shared by Jason Sherman, serial entrepreneur and tech start-up expert.

Unleash Your Message With Audio Marketing

SkillBites Show #57, April 19, 2017 with Tina Dietz
Audio has been growing over 20% per year for the past several years. It’s an attractive medium because it’s easy to get your message out and it’s mobile friendly. Tina Dietz, owner of StartSomething Business Solutions, provides some helpful tips for getting your message out there with audio marketing.

A New Marketing Approach

SkillBites Show #56, March 15, 2017 with Lisa Manyon
The standard approach to marketing is no longer appealing. Lisa Manyon has developed a different approach that is less manipulative and more value-based, bringing better results for her clients.

Should You Try a Pay-Per-Click Campaign?

SkillBites Show #55, February 16, 2017 with Len Morley
Pay Per Click Campaigns (PPC) have the potential for a return of double or triple your investment, if they are done right; but to do the campaign right takes a lot of trial and error, and time. Len Morley, CEO of Mx4 LLC, talked about the critical elements of running a successful PPC campaign on this SkillBites Show.

How to Get Speaking Engagements to Build Your Business

SkillBites Show #54, January 18, 2017 with Denise Hedges
Speaking is one of the best – and fastest – ways to grow a business. But how do you get started? And how do you learn to navigate all the in’s and out’s of this powerful strategy? Denise Hedges, a business development coach and speaker coach with over 30 years’ experience in sales and marketing, shares everything you need to know to successfully market your business through speaking.

How to Find a Literary Agent for Your Book

SkillBites Show #53: December 21, 2016 with Gabrielle Sellei
A good literary agent can help an author in many ways. Gabrielle Sellei, an attorney who represents authors and literary agents, discussed how to look for an agent and how to determine whether a particular literary agent will be a good fit for you.

Maximizing the Power of Relationships to Drive Business Development

SkillBites Show #52: November 17, 2016 with Tom Gill
Building good business relationships is critical for getting more sales. Tom Gill, Senior Sales Strategist, shared a number of tips, tactics and strategies for building good relationships.

Using LinkedIn To Get More Clients

SkillBites Show #51: October 19, 2016 with David Steel
LinkedIn is a powerful business development tool. David Steel, CEO of Everyone Linked, shared his successful strategy for using LinkedIn to get more clients.

Marketing For Small Businesses

SkillBites Show #50: September 21, 2016 with Donna Lynn Price
Many small businesses waste their money on marketing. Donna Price, CEO of Compass Rose Consulting, shared the steps business owners should take to ensure that their marketing is effective and worth their time and money.

Communication Alignment

SkillBites Show #49: August 17, 2016 with Robin Miller
Most people are unaware that their verbal and non-verbal messages are sometimes in conflict. Robin Miller, a communications coach with ARTiculate:Real&Clear points out little changes that can eliminate those inconsistencies and improve the effectiveness of our communications.

The Power of Mobile Marketing

SkillBites Show #48: July 20, 2016 with Bob Bentz
Mobile Marketing has the highest open rate of any form of marketing, and is perfect for small businesses. Bob Bentz, one of the foremost experts in mobile marketing, provided guidance on what to do and mistakes to avoid when engaging in mobile marketing.

Ask and You Shall Receive

SkillBites Show #47: June 29, 2016 with Nancy Dunleavy
Nancy is the CEO and founder of Dunleavy & Associates and author of Exercise Your Ask Muscle: the no-weight workout with proven results. Nancy shared tips on how to improve your life by asking others for help.

Tips for Becoming a Best Selling Author

SkillBites Show #46: May 18, 2016 with Denise Cassino
Denise Cassino is a book promoter who has launched more than 400 books to Best Seller status on Amazon.

Tips for Finding and Using a Ghostwriter

SkillBites Show #45: March 17, 2016 with Helen Chang
Helen is the CEO of Author Bridge Media, and has ghostwritten over 300 books, including books for Michael Gerber of the eMyth series, Dani Johnson of ABC’s Secret Millionaires, and Than Merrill of A&E’s Flip This House.

Tips for Achieving Peak Performance

SkillBites Show #44: February 17, 2016 with Barb Bergeron
Barb is the president and principal consultant of SOS Organizational Services. She shared a number of tips to improve productivity and achieve peak performance.

Get Wise About LinkedIn

SkillBites Show #43: January 20, 2016 with Brynne Tillman
Brynne Tillman is CEO of Social Sales Link and author of LinkedIn and Social Selling for Business Development. Brynne shared a number of strategies to leverage LinkedIn for business development.

Get Wise About Your Network

SkillBites Show #42: December 16, 2015 with Glenna Crooks
Glenna is a global consultant, keynote speaker, author of four books and founder of several companies, most recently SageMyLife. Glenna discussed the value of identifying your network so that you can manage your life better and focus on what’s really important to you.

Creating An Effective Elevator Pitch

SkillBites Show #41: November 17, 2015 with Maribeth Kuzmesk
Maribeth is the owner of Red Zone Marketing and a bestselling author of 7 books. Red Zone Marketing specializes in helping financial advisors and other professionals grossing over 1 million per year get to the next level.

The Ins and Outs of Speaker One-Sheets

SkillBites Show #40: October 21, 2015 with Kimb Manson Williams
Kimb is the owner of Kimb Manson Design and has designed one-sheets for hundreds of speakers.

Internet Marketing: Strategies for 2016

SkillBites Show #39: September 16, 2015 with Rick Simmons
Rick is the head of Simmons Online Solutions and has over 30 years in sales and marketing. He is known as the “internet marketing guru.”

Tips for Converting Leads Into Customers

SkillBites Show #38: August 19, 2015 by Chuck Polin
Chuck is the CEO of The Training Resource Group and Co-Author of Nobody Ever Told Me I’d Have to Sell.

Tips for Converting Leads Into Customers

SkillBites Show #37: July 15, 2015 by Phyllis Smith
Phyllis is the President of EZIA Enterprises, Inc. as well as Founder of the Professional Women’s Business Network, Producer and Host of two radio talk shows, Publisher of About Her Magazine, and a Keynote and Motivational Speaker.

The Business of Podcasting

SkillBites Show #36: June 17, 2015 by Steve Lubetkin
Steve Lubetkin is managing partner of The Lubetkin Media Companies, an award-winning producer of documentary style radio, TV and other multimedia content distributed over the Internet as podcasts.

The Inward Journey to Attract Breakthrough Success

SkillBites Show #35: May 21, 2015 by Terry Wildemann
Terry is a professional speaker, international bestselling author, Certified Law of Attraction Trainer and business coach. In this interview Terry shared her process for implementing the Law of Attraction to gain the results we seek.

Building Good Media Relations

SkillBites Show #34: April 15, 2015 by Bob Schiers
Bob Schiers, founder of RAS Associates, an award-winning PR firm, shared his expertise on getting free publicity for your book and your business.

Finding, Connecting and Qualifying Prospective Customers

SkillBites Show #33: March 18, 2015 by Phyllis Smith
Phyllis is the President of EZIA Enterprises, Inc. as well as Founder of the Professional Women’s Business Network, Producer and Host of two radio talk shows, Publisher of About Her Magazine, and a Keynote and Motivational Speaker.

Book Writing Experience from a Newly Published Author

SkillBites Show #32: February 18, 2015 by Sara Canuso
Sara Canuso is the President of Women That Influence as well as a dynamic keynote speaker and newly published author of You’ve Always Had The Power: Igniting Your Mindset, Power, Influence and Income. Sara shared her experience getting her book written and published, and how it has elevated her credibility and visibility.

Leverage Your Book

SkillBites Show #31: January 22, 2015 by Bob Schiers
Bob Schiers is the founder of RAS Associates, an award-winning marketing and PR firm with a strong reputation for getting its clients great results. Bob explained the importance of developing a marketing plan to leverage a book, and discussed the group marketing program that RAS and SkillBites are jointly hosting to help authors create a plan.

Using Podcasts to Boost Your Book and Your Reputation

SkillBites Show #30: December 18, 2014 by Sue Rocca
Sue is the Founder, Producer and Host of the radio show Women to Watch™. She shared with us some of the great lessons from the leaders she has had as guests on her show, as well as tips on how to choose the right radio show to promote your book, how to decide whether to invest in an appearance and how to exploit your guest appearance.

Using Podcasts to Boost Your Book and Your Reputation

SkillBites Show #29: November 19, 2014 by Doug Foresta
Doug is a coach and podcasting producer and host. Since 2009, he has interviewed over 700 guests, including New York Times bestselling authors and Academy Award winners. Doug explained the benefits of podcasting, the platforms to use, how to grow your following and some tips for creating great podcasts. Doug also offered listeners free access to his audio course,

“How to Get Your Message Out In a Big Way”.

Productivity Tips: Get More Done, Have More Time and Catapult Your Income

SkillBites Show #28: October 22, 2014 by Deanna Maio
Deanna is a speaker and the creator of the Delegated to Done Formula, a 5 step process to enable business owners to free up time to work On their business so that the business can prosper. Deanna took us through the steps and shared many time-saving tips, including her top ten free apps for increasing productivity.

Growth – Is Your Company Getting Its Fair Share

SkillBites Show #27: September 17, 2014 by Ann Jenrette-Thomas
Ann is the founder of Esquire Coaching, and has authored 3 books, including most recently The Happy Law Practice: Expert Strategies to Build Business While Maintaining Peace of Mind. Ann reviewed her formula for leading a productive life: Strategize, Adopt a productive mindset, Systematize, Self-care and Eliminate time wasters.

Growth – Is Your Company Getting Its Fair Share

SkillBites Show #26: August 13, 2014 by Maria Baseggio
Maria is President of SAGE Insights, a management consulting firm that works with businesses to address their growth challenges by optimizing their business and/or marketing strategies. Maria reviewed the benefits of creating a strategic plan and how to use a SWOT analysis to determine the best tactics for achieving one’s goals.

Tips and Tactics For Business Growth

SkillBites Show #25: July 23, 2014 by Diane Hansen
Diane Hansen is the Chief Inspiration Officer of What Works Coaching, a coaching firm that has helped people worldwide with their businesses, careers, mindsets, and profit margins. Diane shared several tips and tactics that business owners can utilize to grow their businesses.

The ABC’s of Managing Stress

SkillBites Show #24: June 18, 2014 by Paula Marolewski
Paula Marolewski is the founder and principal trainer of Thrive Now!, offering skill-based video tutorials on stress management designed to help people tackle stress, worry, and anxiety head on and reclaim their life. Marolewski covered the levels of stress, as well as some short term and long term techniques to relieve stress and regain a healthy mental and emotional balance.

Language of Success

SkillBites Show #23: May 21, 2014 by Luisa Rasiej
Luisa Rasiej is an international speaker, mentor and transformational coach who has worked with hundreds of women around the world to help them release the absolute greatest expressions of themselves.  Rasiej explored the connection between one’s inner thoughts and desires and their outward manifestation, and how subconscious belief systems can interfere with achieving one’s desires.  She provided a step by step process for gaining more success in our lives.

Mindfulness for Peak Performance

SkillBites Show #22: April 23, 2014 by Michelle Risa
Michelle Risa, an expert in holistic preventative medicine, combining nutrition, yoga, meditation, and emotional intelligence, shared how the Seattle Seahawks and Google use mindfulness to achieve peak performance. She explained the many benefits of mindfulness and provided some practical ways to integrate mindfulness into our lives so we also can achieve peak performance.

Leveraging LinkedIn for Business Development

SkillBites Show #21: March 19, 2014 by Bobbie Raffetto
Bobbie Raffetto, co-founder of All About Leverage, LLC, shared numerous tips on maximizing your LinkedIn profile, using LinkedIn to find hundreds of warm leads and exploiting LinkedIn’s groups.

How to Break Through to Greater Inspiration and Creativity Using EFT

SkillBites Show #20: February 19, 2014 by Judith Wentzel
Judith Wentzel is a certified life coach, published author and advanced EFT practitioner. Her presentation explained how to use a technique called EFT to eliminate writers block.

The Power of Video Trailers to Build Buzz About your Book

SkillBites Show #19: January 21, 2014 by Dr. Marc Kossman
Dr. Marc Kossman is a psychologist, bestselling author and videographer. He spoke about the power of video to promote your book and your business.

“Whale Hunting” – How to Land Big Deals that will Transform your Business

SkillBites Show #18: December 18, 2013 by Charmaine Hammond
Charmaine Hammond is an international speaker, best selling and award winning author and radio host. Charmaine shared her 7 strategies for book writers to improve their book promotion in 2014, as well as the criteria publishers are looking for when considering working with authors and how to sell a book in bulk.

“Whale Hunting” – How to Land Big Deals that will Transform your Business

SkillBites Show #17: November 20, 2013 by Loretta Love Huff
Loretta Love Huff, CEO of Emerald Harvest, shared a 9 step process for whale hunting including how to assess your readiness to land whales, how to identify quality leads landing “whales” – clients 10 to 20 times the average size client, and how to “harvest” your whales — to manage the handoff from sales to service to build trust and loyalty from those clients and get more business from those accounts. Loretta offered some free resources as www.moreclientsbiggersales.com, as well as a free strategy session by contacting her at www.tinyurl.com/talktoloretta.

Using your Book and The 180 Rule (TM) as Business Development Tools

SkillBites Show #16: October 16, 2013, by Rich Lucia
Rich Lucia is the owner of Selling in the Now, as well as an Author, Speaker and Business Development expert. Rich shared the theory and scientific basis underlying The 180 Rule, and discussed how it can apply toward using your book effectively to attract and engage new customers.

50 Free Ways to Leverage Your Book

SkillBites Show #15: September 18, 2013, by Carol Abrahamson
Carol Abrahamson is a best-selling author and owner of Executive Authors. She shared her expertise on leveraging a book to grow your business. Carol covered 4 key steps to take before writing a book. She also talked about several different formats for books, and covered 50 free ways to leverage a book. Carol offered to share her list of 111 formats for how-to books, to anyone who emails her atcarol@executiveauthors.com.

Overcoming Obstacles to Writing Your Book

SkillBites Show #14, August 20, 2013 by Annie Hart
Annie Hart is a Consultant, Author, Speaker, Trainer and real human being who shares her skills and talents on her blog and with clients worldwide. Annie shared many tips from her expertise in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to help people overcome the main obstacles people face when trying to write a book. Annie also offered to provide a free 1/2 hour consult to anyone who desires to obtain more personal assistance. Annie can be reached at annie@anniehart.com. For more information about her practice, visit www.anniehart.com, or www.theworldofmore.com.

Strategy for Selling Massive Quantities of Books!

SkillBites Show #13, July 17, 2013 by Elle Febbo
Presentation by Elle Febbo, a former foster child turned Best-Selling Author, Globally Published Journalist, Speaker, Producer and Child Advocate. Elle’s best-selling children’s book What Love Is A-Z has proven to be a tool for service, opening the door for thousands of dollars to be raised for various charities through massive global sales. Elle shared her secrets to build the alliances you need to sell your book by the thousands IN JUST ONE INVOICE!

Strategic Marketing Blueprint for Speakers, Authors and High-Fee Experts

SkillBites Show #12, June 18, 2013
David Newman is a marketing expert, professional speaker and founder of Do It! Marketing, a marketing strategy firm dedicated to making thought-leading entrepreneurs and executives more successful. He is the author of Do It! Marketing: 77 Instant-Action Ideas to Boost Sales, Maximize Profits and Crush Your Competition. David took us through the 4 levels of marketing and shared how to laser-focus your marketing so that you get up each day knowing EXACTLY where to invest your time, energy and efforts.

Developing Successful Launch Campaigns

SkillBites Show #11, May 23, 2013
Maribel Jimenez, an international speaker, bestselling author, and marketing mentor, shares her expertise on developing successful launch campaigns, such as book launches, program launches and new product launches. Learn how to attract a flood of people, the top mistakes that people make and the 7 steps to a successful campaign.

Mastering Influence – How to become a sought-after, highly-paid expert in your field

SkillBites Show #10, April 29, 2013
Presentation by Teresa deGrosbois, an international speaker, trainer and best-selling author who has been featured on television across Canada, including CBC, Global, CTV and City TV. Interviewed Teresa, an expert on growing influence, on the topic of mastering influence – how to become a sought-after, highly-paid expert in your field.

Maximizing the Power of your Online Marketing while Spending Less Time

SkillBites Show #9, March 19, 2013
Given by Penny Sansevieri, CEO and founder of Author Marketing Experts, Inc.

Making Your Message Pay Off with Public Speaking

SkillBites Show #8, February 19, 2013
Given by John Rasiej, President of Speak Louder Than Words

Author Q&A

SkillBites Show #7, January 24, 2013
Given by Michael Tasner, CEO of Taz Solutions and Judy Weintraub, Founder and CEO of SkillBites

Using Kindle eBooks to Generate Leads

SkillBites Show #6, December 20, 2012
Presentation by Michael Tasner, best selling author of Marketing In The Moment and head of Taz Solutions, on the power of eBooks and tips on ways to use Kindle to generate leads.

Blogging for Authors

SkillBites Show #5, October 2012
Presentation by Patrick Tasner, Senior Search Engine Optimization Strategist at Taz Solutions, Inc, discussing the benefit to creating a companion blog to any book or venture, and how doing so will get authors noticed more quickly on the major search engines.

Social Media for Authors

SkillBites Show #4, September 2012
Presentation by Joel Buckner, Senior Social Media Strategist with Taz Solutions, Inc, discussing the many avenues and tactics that can be used in the social media realm to the great benefit of authors in promoting their books and their businesses.

Using Video to Promote Yourself and Your Book

SkillBites Show #3, August 2012
Presentation by Katherine Lucas, Executive Producer at Guerrilla Video Solutions, discussing the myriad ways to use video to benefit yourself, your book and your brand.

Winning the New Game of Selling

SkillBites Show #2, July 30, 2012
Presentation by Terri Levine, founder and CEO of The Coaching Institute, one of the top coach training programs in the United States, on winning the game of selling.

How to Sell Books and Monetize Content on the Web

SkillBites Show #1, June 20, 2012
Presentation by Michael Tasner, best selling author of Marketing In The Moment and head of
Taz Solutions, on book launch campaigns and book promotion tips.

  • Top Secrets of Successful Authors Webinar