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Lifetime access to Summit Recordings

Judy Weintraub : It's Time to Get Your Book Done – Workbook

This is a workbook that walks  you through the steps to develop a game plan for getting your book done within your schedule.

- Value: $25

Dan Janal : 3 Keys for Getting Your Book Done - FAST! – eBook

In This FREE Guide for Authors, You Will Discover:

-Why Who You Are Right Now, And What You Have Experienced In Your Life, Is Enough For You To Write Your Book
- Why It Doesn't Take Long To Write A Book (You Can Have Your Book Published Very Soon)
- Why You Don't Have To Be A Genius To Write An Awesome Non-Fiction Business Book

- Value: $25

Nancy Erickson : 30 min Free Book Consultation

Spend thirty minutes with Nancy Erickson, The Book Professor, to talk about your book ideas and determine which ones are viable for writing a nonfiction book. Nancy will offer her opinion and make suggestions about how to get started in writing your book. 

- Value: $250

Henry DeVries : [Book] Persuade With A Story:  How To Attract Clients and Customers With Heroic Storytelling

This book tells you how to add persuasion power to your presentations, how human brains are hardwired for eight great stories, three key characters your persuasive stories must have or they are doomed, and why you should never be the hero of your own stories.

- Value: $20

Weston Lyon : Your Book Writing Blueprint:  The Proven 4-Point Plan Guaranteed to Help You Quickly and Easily Write a Book You Can Be Proud Of – Even If You Hate Writing, You Don’t Know What to Say, or You Don’t Know Where to Start! [BOOK - Digital Edition]

Since you're here, you already realize the importance of writing a book for your business.

You know that writing a book can position you as an authority and expert in your field.

You know that writing a book can help you quickly establish trust and confidence with your prospects.

You know that writing a book can add an additional revenue stream to your bottom line.

And you know that these benefits are just the tip of the iceberg.

What you don’t know is the actual mechanics of how to write your book. In other words, what you don’t know yet is how to take the knowledge and wisdom out of your head and structure that information into a clear, cohesive, easy-to-read book for your prospects.

If that’s why you’re here – to learn the best process and blueprint for writing your book – then I have some great news for you!

Inside Your Book Writing Blueprint, you’re going to learn an easy, step-by-step, paint-by-numbers system that will help you get your ideas out of your head so you can share your message with the world.

No fumbling around with words. No guesswork.

With your free gift, you'll have everything you need to get your book done fast, so you can grow your business!

- Value: $24.95

Susie Schaefer : 15 minute Complimentary Book Consultation

- Value: $50

Hawk Mikado : “Book Funnel Framework Report:  The Secret Money Making Strategy to Becoming The Thought Leader in Your Industry and Getting Your Books Into The Hands Of Your Dream Clients Without Doing Book Tours, Needing A Massive Following, or Getting Stuck with A Garage Full of Books”

You're Probably Asking Yourself...Why Do You Want a Book Funnel?

Influence You'll be able to leverage your book to get on stages, podcasts, and create brand recognition in your industry...
Income Your book funnel is meant to get you "better than free customers" so you're able to put $1 into ads and get $2+ out...
Impact By getting your books and programs in the hands of more people you'll see the ripple effect of what you're doing...

- Value: $97

Steve Olsher : What Is Your WHAT? Discover The ONE Amazing Thing You Were Born To Do.  Free copy of my New York Times bestselling book

Are you ready to discover your WHAT - that is, the one amazing thing you were born to do? Would you like to powerfully impact both those who share this lifetime with you and those of lifetimes to come?

In What Is Your WHAT? author Steve Olsher reveals his proven process that has helped thousands answer YES to these life-changing questions and cultivate a life of purpose, conviction, and contribution by identifying and creating a plan of action for bringing the one thing they were born to do to fruition. It is a timely, step-by-step guide that will guide you towards making both a fortune and a difference sharing your unique gift with the world.

Features inspiring stories of trial, tribulation, and triumph, as well as examples of 17 public figures, such as Guy Kawasaki, Chris Brogan, and Jack Canfield who have made the critical shift from pursuing commodity-driven opportunities to honoring their singular blueprint.

Author Steve Olsher is a 25+ year entrepreneur, creator/founder of The Reinvention Workshop, and award-winning author of Internet Prophets: The World’s Leading Experts Reveal How to Profit Online. Steve's singular approach to realizing permanent, positive change blends proprietary methods with ancient wisdom and revolutionary lessons from modern thought leaders. Leverage this proven system to discover your WHAT and realize ultimate achievement in business and life.

- Value: $21

Dave Bricker : Start Your Writing and Publishing Reference Library!  Get three guidebooks for writers and publishers

Attendees will receive digital copies of three useful books by Dave Bricker:

The Writer's Guide to Powerful Prose offers writing and editing tips for authors of any style. This painless guide to correct and engaging prose will make you a better writer by the time you finish reading it.

StorySailing: A Guide to Storytelling for Speakers, Trainers, and Coaches offers insights into what makes a story work and the common mistakes that send readers running.

The Publisher's Guide to Book Anatomy is an essential reference manual that explains the difference between a preface, a prologue, and a foreword; what a colophon and a frontispiece are; front matter; back matter; and why you should place the acknowledgments in the back.

- Value: $45

Everett O’Keefe : The Power of the Published:  How Rapidly Authoring a Book Can Ignite Your Business and Your Life

Get the international #1 bestselling book for free, and learn how to use a book to ignite your brand! (Digital download)

- Value: $19.95

Jackie Lapin : 44 Ways To Seduce Your Next Client from Stage, Podcast, Radio, Virtual Summits and Virtual Network:  Discover all the exciting ways to lure new prospects into your opt-in list!

As a changemaker looking to change more lives, attract more clients and scale up your business, you must always be looking for ways to get people to meet with you or opt-in to your list.

But if you think the only inducements you can offer are a free ebook, short online program or free consultation, you are far behind the times! Is your free offer tired and not drawing?

What if we could give you 44 Ways to Seduce Your Next Client from Stages, Podcasts, Radio Shows, Virtual Summits or Virtual Networking?

Get this and rocket your prospective client engagement with new, exciting and creative enticements!

- Value: $197

Jay Fiset : Escape the Marginal Success Trap

Do you have a marginally successful business?  You know it is working too well to quit...but not quite good enough for healthcare, holidays, kids' university, or the real freedom you dreamt of when you started your business. In this Online Mini-Course Jay Fiset will share with you the marginal success trap.  You will evaluate your business on 5 key pillars and you will know exactly what you must do to break the cycle of marginal success.

- Value: $97

Jill Lublin : Publicity Action Guide

Jumpstart Your Publicity
Jill’s FREE Publicity Action Guide gives you:
•    Tips to capture media attention like newspapers and magazines, radio shows and podcasts
•    Hotlists to find the right place to have you and your company or your book be seen
•    Instructions so easy any team member can do them
•    Step by step instruction to create a press release that gets noticed
•    Secret strategies of successful public relations firms
And more!

Judy Weintraub : Tips On Testimonials

Testimonials and endorsements are powerful means of promoting your book and persuading readers to purchase it. When people read about others who have benefited from reading your book and have similar issues, they are much more likely to purchase your book. The first step is to solicit testimonials and endorsements from others. The second is to give them guidance in providing a testimonial that will be helpful for you. This white paper gives you the guidance on both of these steps.

-Value $9

Judy Weintraub : Publishing Profits:  Create a Path To Your Book's Success Workbook

This workbook will enable you to implement the information you learn in the Publishing Profits session so you can develop your plan to achieve the results you want from your book.

-Value $25

Karen Strauss : Karen's Million Dollar Rolodex

In Karen’s Million Dollar Rolodex, you’ll find everything you need to get your book
written, published and marketed.

This is THE comprehensive list of Karen’s most trusted resources to get your book
done right and we are going to share it with you FREE!

-Value $50

Pat Iyer : Business Writing Circle

$1 trial membership for a month in Business Writing Circle  When you join Business Writing Circle, you’ll get the key to

-Crafting interesting blogs that show your knowledge, deepen your relationship with your readers, and enable you to sell your services and products to an engaged audience
-Creating enticing email sequences that nurture your relationships with your prospects and clients
-Writing website copy that hooks the attention of your ideal clients
-Weaving in stories that entice your reader to stay with your message
-Using the principles of copywriting to connect with your audience in a powerful way
-Outlining and delivering a chapter that shares your expertise and encourages people to reach out to you
-and much more!

This all comes as part of Business Writing Circle, a membership program that includes

-Recorded monthly virtual meetings with your fellow members to explore effective writing tips
-Monthly open office hours for feedback and support
-Digital guides to deepen your knowledge of writing
-Interviews with experts on writing so that you’ll gain from their expertise and be inspired by what they’ve accomplished
-Opportunities to add a chapter to compilation books so you gain visibility from this viral marketing technique
-A private group for your community so you can get support, encouragement, and perspective from fellow members
-Tips, tricks, toolkits, worksheets, cheat sheets, and much more to make your writing easier

-Value $97

Shirlene Reeves : 30-Minute Chat with Shirlene 

Let's chat about your book, your goals and dreams for your book, and the important message you are sharing with your perfect clients.  Your book is your new baby.  Together we can devise a plan to make it highly desired while you become the ‘go to’ guest expert with your book as your foundation.  I'm here for you and there will be no sales pitch.

-Value $125

TR Garland : The Ripple Maker Roadmap™:  3 Simple Steps You Can Immediately Take To Ignite Your Impact By Increasing Your Income

The Ripple Maker Roadmap™ is perfect for Purpose-Driven Professionals who want to MAKE MORE MONEY in their business so they can GIVE MORE MONEY to charities/ causes that are near & dear to their heart.

-Value $97

Teresa de Grosbois : Teresa’s complimentary 30 Day Influence Challenge

Your business guide for mastering the Influence game and becoming an Authority in your field.

-Value $87

Charlotte Purvis : 5 lessons learned from a first-time author and big wins

This is a recorded presentation from Charlotte Purvis, an accomplished Author, Consultant, and Professional Speaker with over 20 years of service to pharmaceutical companies, access-to-medicine programs, higher education, state government, and nonprofits.

-Value $20

Susan Friedmann : The Author to Authority Playbook:  How to Get Recognized as an Expert in Your Industry

Most non-fiction authors have tried multiple marketing options with little to no success. The Author to Authority Playbook is a simple and powerful system for non-fiction authors to get recognized for their expertise to grow their influence and business.

-Value $47

Marilyn McLeod : NFT Creation Checklist

What does it take to create an NFT? This checklist will help you plan your resources as you prepare to create your NFT.

-Value $24

Terra Farrer : Interview of how to do a book launch

Celebrate and share the excitement of bringing your book into the world. Follow the 10-Step checklist to create a unique, fun and memorable virtual book launch event toinspire your audience to buy your book.

-Value $49

Deluxe Package $220

What are you going to get?...

Everything in Pro Package plus...

- Over $1,500 Value

Jill Lublin : Complimentary 20 Minute Consult with Jill Lublin

Orient your publicity goals and get clear on next steps.

-Value $247

Judy Weintraub : Book It! Course

Many business owners want to write a book, knowing how valuable it will be for them to be a published author, but can’t get it done.  It’s hard to write a book when you are running a business. There’s not even enough time to get the work done, much less write a book.  Where do you even start?  In this course, you'll learn our proven step-by-step book writing system so you can get your book written easily even if you are starting from scratch, have limited time and aren’t a writer.

This course covers:
•    The power of writing a book and becoming known as an expert
•    A 3-step process to determine a profitable topic for a business book
•    How to carve out the time to get your book written
•    How to generate leads with your book
•    How to get your book written quickly
•    And so much more!

To help you implement what you are learning, we’ve included a convenient workbook so that if you do the exercises, then by the time you’ve completed the course you’ll be all ready to write your book.

Everything is online, and you can go through the course at your own pace, from your home or office.

So it easily fits into your schedule, even if you’re busy.

To gain access to this course, email me at judy@skillbites.net and I will send you the coupon code for your free access.

-Value $497

Pat Iyer : The Publishing Kickstarter:  Publish your book and make more money

Two digital books and a video course:

Do you want to feel comfortable that you are writing well?  52 Writing Tips gives you fast and easy ways to polish your writing

Are you interested in developing or expanding your ability to write for publication? How to Get Published takes you through a step-by-step process for writing an article, chapter or book.

Are you unsure if you should self-publish your book, seek a hybrid publisher, or search for a traditional publisher?

What Are My Publishing Options reveals the pros and cons of each choice so that you don’t make a costly mistake.

-Value $97

Shirlene Reeves : Book With Dr. Shirlene:  Let's Make Your New Book Fly

-Value $150

Susie Schaefer : Book Visioning Session (60 mins)

A 60-minute Book Visioning session, complete with learning The Sticky Note Method to map out your book idea.

-Value $150

Jackie Lapin : 240 Speaker Leads Waiting for You—No Research Required!  One Month Free in each of the 4 acclaimed SpeakerTunity® subscription lead services

Get Instant access!

ONE MONTH FREE subscription in each of the acclaimed SpeakerTunity® services—SpeakerTunity®  Speaker Leads, SpeakerTunity®  Radio and Podcast Insider , SpeakerTunity Summits®  and SpeakerTunity®  Radio and Podcast Insider for BUSINESS (B2B shows).

Get 240 Leads right now that welcome leaders like you—without you doing any of the research—delivered directly to you. Try it and, if you like it, keep getting them!

Just submit yourself to the ones that are in alignment with your mission so you can rapidly build your business and change more lives!

-Value $154

Steve Olsher : Reinvention Workshop Online Course

The Reinvention Workshop Online Course walks you step-by-step through Steve Olsher's proven process for discovering your WHAT -- that is, the ONE amazing thing you were born to do. Broken down into easy-to-navigate exercises, upon completion, you'll have a clear understanding of your core Gift, the primary Vehicle you'll use to share this Gift, and the People who you are most compelled to serve.

Best of all, you'll put together a clear action plan that will allow you to immediately begin impacting those who are literally praying for you to show up in their lives and gain massive clarity on how to monetize what comes as natural to you as breathing. If you've tried other 'life purpose' or 'career' modalities in the past and struggled to discover your soul's purpose, The Reinvention Workshop is the solution you've been looking for.

-Value $197

Susan Friedmann : 20-Minute Author Marketing Brainstorm

Live 20-minute phone call with Susan Friedmann to brainstorm the best income-generating opportunities you can use with your non-fiction book.

-Value $250

Marilyn McLeod : NFT Creation Masterclass

Why create an NFT?
What steps are involved?
How to get started?

-Value $97

Ultimate Package $320

What are you going to get?...

Everything in Pro & Deluxe packages plus...

- Over $3,000 Value

Jay Fiset : Ticket to Jvology Live

When you attend you’ll discover the art and science of profitable partnerships, the top systems & strategies, and the most efficient way to create success.

If you have a big message to share, a product or program you want to get out in the world, or a service that can change lives and you want to make a big impact while also creating a lucrative income for yourself, Joint Ventures is one of the fastest ways to do it, and JVology LIVE will give you everything you need.

-Value $197

Shadeed Eleazer : Intellectual Property for Self-Published Authors

Did you know that self-publishing is one of the most lucrative forms of content licensing?

In fact, licensing textbooks in universities is one of the oldest forms of licensing that exists.

As a self-published author, what options are available to you?

In this bonus training, Shadeed Eleazer will provide the blueprint to get started with understanding intellectual property and how to begin to use your self-published book at the foundation to grow your business.

This training is available exclusively for participants in Write, Publish, Profit summit hosted by Judy Weintraub.

Summit attendees will receive:
-Intellectual Property for Self-Published Authors training
-30 minute strategy session

-Value $597

Judy Weintraub : Publish It! Course

Do you want to publish a book but don’t know what the steps are to publish it, launch it and build a solid revenue producing business behind it?

SkillBites, creator of a publishing platform designed specifically for business owners and professionals to get their books published quickly and conveniently, has developed an online course that takes you through all the steps. It will be perfect for you if you want to . . .

Know how to take your book from manuscript to publication.
Learn how to get your book on Amazon and other platforms.
Understand how to promote your book.
Find out how to leverage your book.

-Value $497

TR Garland : The R.O.I. Roadmap™ - MicroClass:  7 Simple Steps to Making a Massive Ripple of Impact (...While Leaving a Legacy That Lasts Long After You're Gone!)

When you gain instant access to this very timely training, you’re about to discover:

The "7 Specific Steps" that when followed in the right order guarantees you instantly increase your Impact, Influence, & Income by at least 3X in 3 months

(...so that you can finally find the freedom that has been eluding you for far too long - financial freedom, location freedom, time freedom, & even freedom from other people's opinions!)

How to literally go from "Unknown" to "Industry Influencer" in record time leaving your competition in the dust wondering where the heck you came from

(...so that you can finally get paid a premium price for all your programs & professional services that you've always dreamed of!)

The fastest & easiest way to bring your message to the masses that won't break your back, break your budget, or ruin your reputation

(...so that you can finally make enough money to increase your donations to a charity or cause that matters most to you!)

-Value $197

Weston Lyon : Your Book Writing Blueprint [ONLINE TRAINING]

Inside this step-by-step online training, you’ll learn…

-An easy, step-by-step, paint-by-numbers system that will help you write your book in just a few months (or sooner!) – even if you’re busy and don’t have a lot of time to write
-How to reverse engineer the writing process and stack the deck in your favor, so you can create the best book for your target audience – a book that’s unique and unlike any other book on the market
-My C.O.R.E. Content Method – the absolute best way to crystalize your ideas into a killer message for your audience and write your book without the fear of writer’s block
-How to make your writing more clear, more interesting, and easy to read – even if you don’t like writing or you don’t consider yourself a good writer

PLUS, you’ll get:

-Simple instructions with hundreds of real examples, so you can see EXACTLY what to do and what to write without any guesswork!
-FREE LIFETIME ACCESS to this training, so you can write as many books as you want!

-Value $2,997

Karen Strauss : Free Ticket to the Big Leap Retreat

Discover How to Take a Giant Leap Toward Getting Your Book Done with…
More Focus
More Creative Clarity
More Inspired Energy

It all happens at the Big Leap Retreat. At the Big Leap Retreat, you will:

Discover your Big Idea.
Learn my easy 4-step formula to map out a bestselling book in a weekend.
Create your 2-minute talk.
Present your talk to a panel of experts, consisting of an event planner, a speaker coach, a publicist, and other successful business entrepreneurs.

Take the first step today to get your bestselling book out of your head and into the world!

-Value $497

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- More than 20 easy access gifts
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- Summit Recordings
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- 9 amazing courses, digital books & coaching sessions from our summit Speakers
-Over $3,000 USD value 

- Summit Recordings
- Pro & Deluxe Package
- 6 awesome courses and other gifts
- Over $8,000 USD value 

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Judy Weintraub

Meet Judy Weintraub, Book Publishing Expert.  As a Book Publishing Expert, Judy has been instrumental in helping hundreds of business owners and professionals get their books done so they can leverage their books to grow their businesses.

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