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SkillBites Author Guidelines

SkillBites has developed one of the easiest publishing platforms on the market. Our niche is short, practical how-to books that will enable the reader to implement the skill with reasonable proficiency in a short period of time. These Guidelines contain general information about the process of becoming a SkillBites author, the royalty compensation to authors and the rights that SkillBites authors have in their products. The terms that govern the relationship between SkillBites and authors are set forth in the Author Terms of Service.

How to become a SkillBites Author: Below is a description of the process for becoming a SkillBites author and selling one’s book through the SkillBites platform:

  1. To begin the process, you select the package or service you desire to purchase and click on the Buy Now button. That will take you to the shopping cart. Note, you must accept the Author Terms of Service before you can purchase the package or service.
  2. SkillBites will send you the materials that come with the package you selected.
  3. If you are writing your book, let us know when your book is ready to submit. We will provide you with a list of information that we will need when your book is ready for publication. This list includes such items as the price you want to charge for your eBook and print book, your bio and headshot, the category or categories you want your book published under, testimonials and a description of your book.
  4. If we are writing your book for you or outlining your book, we will work with you to schedule a convenient time for the initial interview and will provide the requisite drafts to you within the timeframe that we have advised.
  5. SkillBites will assess whether your book is suitable for publishing on the SkillBites website. We will notify you if your book does not meet our standards. You may revise the book or choose not to have it published on the SkillBites website
  6. You will receive quarterly reports on the sale of your book for each quarter in which your book was purchased, and quarterly royalty payments as per those reports and the Author Terms of Service.

Compensation: Depending on the package selected, you will receive a specified percentage of the net revenues received by SkillBites from the direct sale of your works on the SkillBites site, and a specified percentage of the net revenues received by SkillBites from the sale of your works on other sites or channels. “Net revenues” involves deducting from revenue certain costs such as a processing fee of 3%, printing and shipping costs for print books, taxes, commissions to affiliates and other fees incurred by SkillBites directly as a result of the particular sale. Note that online retailers keep a portion of the revenue, and thus the revenue received by SkillBites is not the full price that is paid for the eBook. For instance, one of Amazon’s compensation plans provides for payment of 70% of the revenue, less $2.34 per sale. When an author’s Work is published on the site of a major retailer, the author will receive a percentage of the amount that the online retailer pays SkillBites for the sale of the author’s print book or eBook, depending on the package selected. In addition, SkillBites pays a commission to affiliates for sale of SkillBites products to purchasers who connected to SkillBites through the affiliate, and may pay a commission to others in connection with the sale. Any commissions would be deducted from the revenues from sale of an author’s work before calculation of the royalty due the author.

Hypothetical: Suppose Jane Smith has written a book on conflict resolution techniques and has selected the Silver Author Package. The eBook is selling on the SkillBites website for $4.95 and 100 copies are purchased directly from SkillBites, 100 copies of the eBook from Amazon and 100 copies of the eBook from SkillBites through SkillBites affiliates.1 The Royalty is calculated as follows:

  1. The Net Revenue from the direct sales on SkillBites equals the gross revenue (100 x $4.95, or $495) less the 3% processing fee. This would yield a Net Revenue of $480.15.
  2. The Net Revenue from the sales on Amazon would be 70% x ($495 – ($2.34 x 100)), or $182.70.
  3. The Net Revenue from the sales through affiliates is calculated by first deducting from the gross revenue the commission owed to the affiliate (let’s say that is 10%), and then deducting the other fees (in this case, the 3% processing fee). The Net Revenue equals 90% x $495 less 3% x $495, which equals $445.50 – $14.85, or $430.65.
  4. The author’s royalty for the quarter from the sale of the eBook would be 65% x ($480.15 + $430.65) + (50% x $182.70) which equals 592.02 + $91.35 = $683.37. This obviously does not include any royalty from the sale of print books or audio books, or sales on other retailer sites, all of which could boost the royalty payments much higher. The beauty of this program is that once you have submitted your eBook to SkillBites, you can receive revenue without any further work on your part besides promoting your book!

Additional Services: Included in each of the packages is an array of services. If an author desires any services that are not in the selected Author Package, most services can be purchased on an a la carte basis. For instance, if an author who has purchased the Silver Package wants additional editing or marketing services, or for SkillBites to provide a custom cover, these can be purchased separately. See the Services schedule for the full list of services we offer and the current fee structure. The schedule is subject to change.

Author Rights: Authors retain the copyright in the books that they write and the books that SkillBites writes for customers. Authors may distribute complimentary copies of their book and sell their book. In addition, authors grant SkillBites the right to sell their book, including its different formats, and the right to utilize small portions of the content for marketing and other reasonable purposes.

Pricing and Payment Terms: Prices for the Services are as set forth in the Description of Services. Unless otherwise specified, payment is due upon selection of the service or package.

SkillBites Website: Books that meet SkillBites’ standards will be published on the SkillBites website at the request of the author. Below are some parameters that SkillBites uses to evaluate whether to accept a book for its website:

  1. The author must have significant expertise in the subject matter of the book.
  2. The book should contain practical information concerning a particular skill, such as tips and tools or the top mistakes to avoid when doing a particular task.
  3. The topic should be one that is likely to have a significant audience.
  4. The book needs to be well written.
  5. The author must have legal rights to the book submitted.

1SkillBites does not guarantee any sales volume, traffic volume or compensation level. This is purely a hypothetical to demonstrate how the compensation system works, and does not reflect the sales volume experienced by SkillBites’ authors.

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