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Book Coaching

Guaranteed! Click here for more details.
Most people never finish writing their book because they lose focus, feel unsure how to proceed, get stuck or get overwhelmed. We can help you bust through these challenges by providing step-by-step guidance. We will also serve as a sounding board, answer your questions and help refine your ideas. You can choose the amount of coaching you think you need. Sessions will be by phone, and pre-scheduled at a mutually convenient time. 24 hour notice is required to reschedule a call. For more information, click here.

Editorial review

Expert evaluation of your eBook with specific recommendations concerning:

  • Clarity of content
  • Effectiveness of the writing for reader comprehension and to engage the target audience
  • Structure and organization
  • Writing mechanics and language usage issues involving grammar, syntax, punctuation, and spelling
  • The advisability of one of the other editing packages

The author may obtain a 2nd editorial review after making changes for an additional $50. The evaluator will review the changes that were made based on the recommendations in the initial review.

Grammatical Edit

This edit is to correct errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar or capitalization. The editor will also identify basic language usage issues and suggest changes with word choice in cases involving an overused word, or when a different word might better convey the intended meaning.This review entitles the author to a free 2nd review after the author makes the recommended changes. The editor will review changes that were made based on the recommendations in the initial edit.

Full Edit

This comprehensive edit goes beyond the evaluation and grammatical edit to include a full review of the organization, presentation, and sentence structure of your book to ensure clarity and flow of text. Suggested improvements might include:

  • Recommendations for recasting tables, charts, or figures
  • Recommendations for adjusting the format used to present the material
  • Recommendations to reorder some of the material
  • Identifying information that may need citations and/or permissions
  • Correcting the formatting of references cited
  • Identifying ambiguities, inconsistencies or contradictions within the text
  • Recommendations for rewording and restructuring of sentences to clarify meaning and enhance flow

This review entitles the author to a free 2nd review after the author makes the recommended changes. The editor will review changes that were made based on the recommendations in the initial edit.

Condensing Service

We will take your book and condense it into a 4000 – 4500 word SkillBite. A quote will be provided after review of your book. A minimum charge of $250 will apply.

Basic Formatting Service

We will review your book in the SkillBites template to make sure it is formatted properly. This service is available for documents that contain no more than 3 graphics, charts or other images.

Advanced Formatting Service

We will take your Word document and format it properly into the SkillBites template. This service is available for documents that contain no more than 10 graphics, charts or other images.

Pre-Publication Strategy Session

We will spend time with you recommending ways you can promote your book before it gets published, to build anticipation for your book launch.


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SkillBites Cover Graphic

We will provide you with up to 3 sample cover graphics. Included are: an initial 15 minute consult, 2 sample graphics, a second 15-minute consult to obtain your feedback, and 1 final graphic if needed. Each additional graphic requested is $45.

Private Label Cover

We will provide a customized front and back cover. Included are: an initial 15-minute consult, 2 custom samples of front cover, 1 for back cover, a second 15-minute consult, and 1 final front and back cover. Each additional requested revision is $45. Back cover consists of text provided by the authorand may includethe author’s photo.

Book Testimonials

We will research your target market, provide a digital copy of your book to members of your target market and/or other experts in the subject matter of your book, and obtain testimonials from people in your target market or other subject matter experts. We cannot guarantee that the testimonial will be favorable.

Title Service

We will research key words being used by people to find information concerning the subject matter of your book and evaluate your book’s title in light of those key words. Then we will provide suggested changes to your title to help potential purchasers more easily find your book on the internet.

Description Service

We will evaluate the description for your book in light of the key words being used by people to find information concerning the subject matter of your book, and provide suggested changes to entice purchasers and help them more easily find your book on the internet.

SkillBites Sampler

We will include 2 or 3 tips from your book in a SkillBites Sampler, which we provide free to our website visitors to entice them to purchase the books they read about in the samplers.

Amazon/Kindle Print Package

We will arrange for your book to be available for sale on Amazon and Kindle as an eBook and in print. Before your book is ready for print, we will send you a proof for your review. You are responsible for advising us of any errors that need to be corrected. If you desire to make changes in your book that are not the result of our error, there will be an additional fee to make the changes, which we will estimate for you before proceeding.

Wide Distribution Package

We will arrange for your eBook to be widely distributed for sale on all the major online retailers.

Print Copies

We will provide the specified number of paperback copies of your book, depending on the package you have purchased. In addition, you may purchase print copies of your book at a discount. Books under 100 pages consisting primarily of text (with fewer than 5 charts, graphs, tables or images) can be purchased at $5.00/book for black and white,including tax and standard shipping within the continental US; books under 100 pages with more than 5 graphics, tables, charts or other images can be purchased at $6.50/book for black and white including tax and standard shipping within the continental US. Minimum order of 10 copies. For color copies, we will provide a quote on request. Expedited shipping is available for an additional $2/book.

Audio Recording

We will produce a professional recording of your eBook for sale as an mp3 file on SkillBites, as well as through other channels such as iTunes and Amazon.


[accordion title=”Post-Publication Services”]

Marketing Consultation Services

We will spend 1 hour with you helping you develop a marketing plan for promoting your book. In the additional hours you receive in your package or which you purchase, we will help you implement your plan, such as by developing blog posts, tweets and Facebook posts about your book. For the Gold and Platinum package, the 1-hour consultation and first hour of service will be provided during the month after your eBook is published. The additional hours will be spread over the 5 months following that initial month.

Business Strategy Session

We will work with you to determine ways you can leverage your book to help grow your business.

Press Releases

We will prepare an engaging press release for your book, submit it to you for your review, then finalize it and submit it to our news wire service, which distributes press releases to over 100,000 media contacts, newsrooms, industry analysts, and freelance writers.

PR Follow-Up Campaign

We will place phone calls to follow-up on your press release with key editors, beat writers, and reviewers to push your press release, thereby increasing the probability of coverage. We will also send you every lead for a two-month period after the issuance of the press release, and provide you with advice on the best way to follow up with each lead.

Online Directory Listing

We will arrange for a listing of your book on an online eBook directory site to get your book more visibility.

Video Trailers

How do you get the word out about your book? One of the best ways to build buzz is to do a video trailer – just like the movies do – months before your book is launched. We will record an interview of you and create a 30 second video teaser and a 1 to 2 minute video trailer. You can choose the style for the video. We will upload the video to YouTube and will provide you with the link to use on your website or in social media. For more information and to view samples, click here.

Best Seller Program

This is a 12-month program in which you will learn what it means to be a bestselling author and how to achieve it, how to use social media, PR, and other tools to get noticed, and much more. You will have access to a series of 12 tutorials, as well as Q&A postings, be eligible to attend monthly group coaching sessions, and have unlimited access via email to ask your questions. For further details click here

PR Campaign

A 4 month campaign to provide extensive visibility for your book and your business. The campaign is two pronged: having your book reviewed and promoted by the top bloggers and influencers in the area of your topic or niche; and creating and issuing a press release to every major news outlet in the country announcing your book and defining you as an expert in your field. The results of this campaign include boosting your website traffic, book sales, search engine optimization and online presence.



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