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The SkillBites Show offers one-to-one interviews that provide you with an effective way to get your expertise in front of your best audience and stay there.

About The Podcast

We’re excited to have you be a guest on an upcoming SkillBites Show! Here is some information about your guest appearance on the show.  The interview will go about 30 minutes.  The audience is primarily business owners and professionals who either have written a book or desire to write a book.

The show is all about providing small business owners, professionals, coaches, consultants and speakers with tips, tricks, strategies, and tactics that they can implement easily either to write, publish or market their book or to to survive and thrive for long-term success.

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Your Host - Judy Weintraub

Judy Weintraub is an accomplished entrepreneur, business executive and attorney and is a bestselling author. She is the founder of SkillBites, providing book writing and publishing services specifically designed to help business owners and professionals get their books done quickly and conveniently. In addition to SkillBites, Judy runs Weintraub Legal Services, providing corporate law services and dispute resolution services.

SkillBites offers a convenient one-stop shop for all of the services an author would need, from ghostwriting and other services to help authors get their book written to editing, cover design and other services for book publication to bestseller and other marketing services to promote their book.  In addition, we have DIY digital courses on book writing and book publishing, as well as programs such as our Fastrack Your Book program that helps authors get their books written in just three months.

Our Guests

As a guest, you get much more than just an interview. This is an opportunity to get your business in front of hundreds of people both locally and globally, who are looking for what you have to offer.

Our guests are experienced and incredibly talented business owners, entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, experts in a large variety of industries and from all walks of life.

Our guests share inspiring stories, lessons learned, provide proven tips, strategies, and tactics that our audience and use and implement for their book or in their business to succeed.

So, if you’re looking for an effective way to get in front of a growing group of people who are looking for what you have to offer, (program, consultation, book, etc.), then book your spot and I will speak with you soon.

The Details

All calls are pre-recorded in a relaxing, non-stress environment via Zoom.

All guests must complete the simple application form, and then will be directed to my calendar for you to book the 30-minute Podcast interview.

Please make sure you complete the application. The information you provide will be in the show notes.

The interview will be edited and distributed across a wide variety of podcast channels that we have subscribed to.

Your interview will be permanently listed on the SkillBites website, as well as on our social media platforms and within our newsletter.

You will receive a link to the podcast of your interview that you are free to use to further promote your business well into the future.

We encourage you to promote ONE product or service. It can be a paid offer or complimentary.

We do require that you provide us with an affiliate link for what you are promoting-even if it’s free.

  • For example, if you are promoting a complimentary workshop that will lead into a paid program, then we would like an affiliate link to that workshop to track the number of people that sign up through all of our channels as well as those that sign up for your paid program.
  • If you are promoting a paid consultation, then we would require an affiliate link for that consultation to track the number of people that take you up on your offer as well as for the affiliate fee.

As a guest, you are required to promote your interview on all your social media channels and website. We always recommend distributing and promoting your interview to your email subscribers as well.

Share your interview! Why not! That is one of the points of this podcast-promote YOU!

In addition, please provide a blog post that summarizes the main points that you shared in your interview. You can include the offer you made in the interview, with the affiliate link for signing up. Blog posts should be 300 – 500 words. This is another opportunity for you to get in front of your target audience

Help me help YOU!

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