Our Thanks To You

We are so grateful for the opportunity to work with so many wonderful business owners and authors and delight in helping them get their books written, published and promoted. We love being able to share in the pride and joy that our clients experience when they receive the copies of their book, and in the excitement of having created such a great marketing tool to grow their business.

We wish to express our gratitude to the members of our loyal community by offering you incredible savings on two of our signature services, to help those who don’t yet have a book written and those who are in the process of writing a book or have already published a book.

Did you know that publishing a book gives you that instant perception of trust in a customer’s mind?

Being a published author also helps you:

  • Build credibility and become known as the expert in your field;
  • Educate your targeted audience; and
  • Build awareness and interest in your services and products

Garnett Newcombe

In the 6 months since my first book came out, I can hardly believe the difference that one book has made for my business. People view me now as an expert. I am getting many more calls from people seeking my expertise, and consequently I am also landing more business. I have gained more confidence as well, which has been a significant factor in my ability to close more deals. Thank you, SkillBites, for making it so easy for me to gain these advantages.

Garnett Newcombe
CEO Human Potential Consultants LLC, Carson, CA

But before you invest your precious time and hard-earned money into writing a book, you need to make sure you will be writing the RIGHT book.

If you choose the wrong topic, or you haven’t identified your target audience, or you don’t set goals or identify how you will use your book to achieve your goals, then you aren’t likely to obtain the results you are seeking.

That’s where the SkillBites Strategic Book Plan Service comes in. We’ll work with you to make sure you don’t waste your time and money writing the wrong book.


So here is our gift to you

33%  Off  Strategic  Book  Plan  Service

Purchase the Strategic Book Plan Service by December 4, 2015 and receive 33% off – a savings of $250! Just use the coupon code THANKS2015 at checkout. Click here to order your Strategic Book Plan Service TODAY and know that you will be on the right track with writing your book.

This is also the perfect gift for a loved one who wants to write a book. It’s thoughtful, supportive and unique!

For those who are writing a book or have already published a book, we have a gift for you as well!

Do you have a plan in place to leverage your book?

How will you use your book to achieve your goals?

Without a plan, you are unlikely to attain the results you seek for your book, and then the effort and expense you put into writing and publishing your book won’t have been worth it.

SkillBites has developed a Group Marketing Program to provide exactly the guidance and assistance needed to develop an effective book marketing plan. We help you create detailed action items, timelines and budget, so you’ll know what to do, when to do it, and most importantly, how to do it efficiently and effectively. Best of all, you can participate from the comfort of your own home or office because the group meets online.

Gary Brunson

I am finding the SkillBites Group Marketing Program for marketing my book very helpful. The program has increased my awareness of the many ways my book can help me grow and further develop my business. It is a great combination of the right kind of structure, support, lessons learned from other authors in the group, and accountability. I like the program and highly recommend it to any person who has or is in the process of authoring a book.

Gary Brunson
Owner, My Clear Focus, Elkhart, IN


Our gift to you

33%  Off  Group  Marketing  Program

Our gift to you is 33% off the Group Marketing Program fee – a savings of over $165! Instead of paying $500 for the six sessions, you only have to pay $333 for over six hours of top notch marketing advice!

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Act now….Take advantage of these offers today. Remember, you’ll save $250 by purchasing the Strategic Book Plan Service and $165 by purchasing the Group Marketing Program by December 4, 2015. Here is your opportunity to save money and have the assurance that your book will be the right book and will help you achieve your goals. You’ll have 6 months from purchase to use the service; after that, you simply pay the difference between the amount you paid and the then current price of the service.

Click here to order the SkillBites Strategic Book Plan Service or here to order the Group Marketing Program today, and remember to use Coupon Code THANKS2015 at checkout.

We look forward to helping you write the RIGHT book and achieve your goals.