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Create a Culture of Empowerment, by Oswald R. Viva

Empowerment is a desirable management and organizational style that enables employees to use their skills and abilities to benefit both…

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Top 10 Tips to Acing Your Job Interview, by Cindy McGeever

We only get one chance to make a good first impression, and when you’re creating that first impression in an…

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Create Your Know, Like & Trust Factor, by Sharon Muir

In this Skillbite Sharon Muir, a certified NLP practitioner and co-creator of the Elite NLP Trainers Consortium at the National…

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The Ultimate Enrollment System for Entrepreneurs, by Terri Levine

The Ultimate Enrollment System for Entrepreneurs – Stop selling the hard way! Top selling business coach Terri Levine provides you…

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Magnetizing: Guidebook to Achieving Financial, Emotional and Spiritual Abundance, by Terri Levine

When you use the principles of magnetizing, you don’t simply let life ‘happen’ to you. You decide what you want…

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The Essentials of Negotiating Effectively, by Judy Weintraub

Negotiations pervade our life whether within or outside a business setting. Your ability to negotiate effectively could be the difference…

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Copywriting Basics: Your Guide to Copywriting For The Web

Are YOU Ready to Learn the Simple, yet Effective Techniques That Successful Web Copywriters Have Perfected? Learning web copywriting on…

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The Speedy Guide to Web Copywriting: Write Your Own Sales Copy in One Day, by Faith M. Davis

The Speedy Guide to Web Copywriting is the book that will get you writing copy quickly. By reducing all of…

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Freelance Freedom as a Writer: Enjoy the Freedom of Working for Yourself as a Freelance Writer, by Faith M. Davis

Freelance Freedom as a Writer is the ideal book for people who want to begin a career in freelance writing….

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