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How to Build Successful Business Partnerships

Everybody has a story about a partnership or business alliance that has fallen apart. Unfortunately, it is a somewhat common…

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Three Steps to Creating a Lasting Impression the First and Every Time

That all-important first impression takes just a few seconds and can last a lifetime. Within the first seven seconds of…

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You Are The Owner, But Are You The Right CEO? by Oswald R. Viva

As an entrepreneur you started a business and lead it through the initial stages and perhaps even longer. As the…

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Exit Strategy and Succession Planning, by Oswald R. Viva

Can your company survive without you in charge? What if one or more of your key personnel left — can…

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Effective Networking: The Ultimate Business Tool, by Cheryl Walker-Robertson

“Cheryl Walker-Robertson, expert Protocol and Etiquette trainer provides pertinent real life help to improve our professional networking through her latest…

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Drive Your Business Growth Using The Telephone! Proven Techniques to Implement a Successful Cold Calling Program, by Valerie Schlitt

Most people dread cold calling. And yet, business to business cold calling is one of the best ways to attract…

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Employment Law Guide For Employees: Practical Tips On How To Protect Yourself In The Workplace And On Your Way Out, by Ayesha Hamilton

Employment law for the employee: Understand your rights and learn how to protect yourself when you believe that you are…

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Accountability in the Workplace

There is one core cultural value that no truly successful organization can do without: personal accountability. Personal accountability requires employees…

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Delegate to Succeed, by Oswald R. Viva

Delegating is appointing someone else to act on your behalf, meaning that you are assigning the authority and responsibility to…

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