How to Build a Successful Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is an effective tool that works to build long-term relationships between buyers and sellers. Business owners and professionals can use email marketing to build an effective sales strategy, increase sales and find new customers. There are some clear objectives in marketing campaigns, and these must be followed to have an effective campaign.

These objectives that can help build a business owner’s and professional’s marketing campaign include:

• Identify the needs of the target audience.

• Build a landing page that will draw customers in, and keep them there.

• Make subscribing to the marketing program easy. Make forms short and easy to fill out.

• Integrate social media like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Using social media can help draw people to your site, and enables them to tell their friends about your site easily.

• Remember that email marketing is attempting to build a long-term relationship between business professionals and their fans.

• Have a way that fans can “share” your marketing information with their friends on social media.

• Add a call to action. Encourage users to subscribe to a newsletter, enter a contest or buy a book.

Finally, remember that email marketing campaigns aim to start a relationship with a group of people. The marketing campaign should reach out to your target market, and attempt to draw them in for the long-term.

Get Past the Obvious

As a small business owner or entrepreneur, there are many obvious things that are clamoring for your attention: get clients, do the work, pay the bills, etc. But what about the less obvious? From being in business for over 14 years, we believe that it is vital to get past the obvious and address the hidden nuances, problems, and attitudes that can derail you – whether you are a start-up or you’ve been in business for 10 years, whether you are the CEO, CFO or a manager in Human Resources or Purchasing.

This book will increase your awareness in four key areas of business development, giving you a realistic foundation to promote long-term profitability. We know the power of these “less than obvious” issues, because we have been through them all – and have come out the other side with our businesses stronger than ever. You’ll learn:

  • Five factors that can destroy your business if not addressed;
  • Five strategies that will enable you to hire the best workforce;
  • Five highly dysfunctional decision-making behaviors that all small business owners, managers, directors and coaches should be aware of – and avoid; and
  • Five techniques that can help you achieve a true, healthy work-life balance.

It’s time for real talk about real issues – so you can discover real solutions.

I found this quick read to be relevant and insightful, certainly worth the time for any small business owners. It proved to be that gentle reminder that the obvious is not always quite so obvious in the demanding world of an entrepreneur.
Marneta House
CFO & Co-Owner of Futureage Enterprises
Inc., Palmdale, CA

This book is a blessing. The chapter on the Five Essential Strategies for hiring the Best Workforce is not only interesting to read, but I firmly believe that it would save many small businesses from making some serious mistakes and lead them to success and wealth. Every new business owner should share this book with their hiring managers and human resources team. The strategies discussed in the book will enable any business owner who implements them to build an awesome workforce and bring control and success to their business.
Elease Minor
CEO Important Details Inc., Vallejo CA

I read Get Past The Obvious and found it to be a very easy read with a reminder of the “less obvious”. Having been in business for over 15 years, I had “hidden nuances” that needed to be addressed. The book increased my awareness of certain issues. This book will definitely help many with their business development.
Bridget Smith
CEO & Founder, Short Cutz by Bridget,
Emeryville, CA

What an amazing book I found it to be. The book was a quick read, clear and easy to follow. Having been a business owner, I could definitely relate to the nuances that we all fall prey to when running a business. I saw myself repeatedly in the book from not understanding my finances to working in the business instead of on the business. I would highly recommend this book to my colleagues who have stepped into the world of entrepreneurship. Thanks for your insight and candidness.
Joyce Redd
Employment Manager, Alameda County
Behavioral Vocational Program, Alameda CA

The saying “Good things come in small packages” is the first thing that came to mind after reading Get Past the Obvious! This book has great insight on what is needed not only for business proprietors, but also for directors and managers in the day-to-day operations of an organization. Its strategies surrounding “work-life balance” will now hang over my desk. Thanks, Garnett and Kay, for the invaluable information.
A. Renee Daniels
TPMG Service Manager East Bay Area
Oakland, CA

180 Rule Business Development

In today’s fast-paced business environment there’s a  need to find efficient, successful answers to how to attract and retain sales revenue. The search for answers to getting more business has us chasing the latest “hot thing” rather than adopting a powerful internal methodology to achieve success. New ideas, in and of themselves, are extremely attractive as our desperation fuels a willingness to change something, anything.  All too often, before we reach mastery or even an understanding of a new technique, we are made aware of another newer technique and run to the newer answer much like a team of 4 year olds playing soccer. What if there was a way to tap into our existing tendencies, not only to get on track but to stay on track without a laborious retraining program and the distraction of chasing after the “next hottest thing.” The 180 Rule provides us with a vehicle to tap this innovative methodology that successfully uses a natural phenomenon inherent in all of us. Studies having been going on since early 1948 regarding this behavioral trait called the Negativity Bias. The 180 Rule uses these findings and applies a process that allows us to eagerly work as a team because of the ease of participation. This effective collaborative effort affords us the opportunity not only to come up with viable solutions but also helps keep the mission on track. With participation comes a greater commitment to achieve success. In sports we strive for the natural golf or tennis swing; in business development we have found a business process that successfully utilizes our natural tendencies. The 180 Rule is that process.

My team has successfully used the 180 Rule for the past two years. It was another breakthrough when we used it specifically for business development. It’s almost unbelievable how a concept that is so easy can yield such amazing results.
Bill Archer
Chief Marketing Officer, Frost & Sullivan

The magic of the 180 Rule is that it utilizes our natural abilities. Business development made much more sense when we applied this valuable tool. It is truly amazing how the strategies we had in place were actually sabotaging our mission. The 180 rule got us on track and keeps us on track.
Giulio Santorio
Managing Partner, AveryTeach

My organization was floundering and what was worse we didn’t have a clue how to handle our changing prospects. We started applying the 180 Rule for business development and now we are not only successful at generating consistent revenue but have a clear understanding of our customers and how to keep pace with our market. Bring on more change, we have the 180 Rule, we’re ready for it.
Mark Cohen
Vice President Marketing, TD2 Enterprise

Finding new opportunities to sell our services is more difficult than ever. The number of competitors now, although large, are even outstripped by the number of internet tools that all boast of being the single answer to business development. The 180 rule brought awareness about how and when to use those tools effectively. Using the 180 Rule for Business development has not only been a simple approach but a necessity for our success.
Rick Simmons
Chief Solution Officer, Simmons Online Solutions

Handling the Death of a Loved One

It goes without saying that death is inevitable, but it is not something any of us knows a lot about. So when fate delivers us in the role of planning the funeral of someone we love, many find themselves at a loss. There are a lot of issues that arise that need attention quickly. Practical matters and financial issues have to be faced when we are emotionally vulnerable, making us feel as if we just can’t handle it.

This book lays it out for you. Step by step, day by day. You will learn in what order things need to be done as well as the protocols for dealing with the funeral director, and the place of worship, You will discover for example, that embalming is not a requirement, but a choice. Suggestions for working with your family and planning every aspect of the funeral are here. The Afterword provides information on grief and loss.

“I have been around death all of my life. “Handling the Death of a Loved One” is a helpful guide. It is spot on, concise, well organized, and it will keep you on track. There is not a family I serve that could not benefit from reading this book.”
Jack Ruffenach
Funeral Director, Ruffenach Funeral Home
Drexel Hill, PA 19026

“Eileen Colville has put together an informative and thoughtful book for individuals who are going through a dark and confusing time. Many of our clients have little to no experience with funeral planning and have no idea where to begin when a loved one passes away. Eileen explains the funeral process from what to bring to the funeral home to make productive initial arrangements to what to pack in your purse on the day of the service. Her helpful book is a stepping stone in making through the inevitable process.”
Bridget Monaghan
Funeral Director, The Oliver H. Bair Funeral Home and Monaghan Funeral Home
Upper Darby and Red Hill, Pennsylvania
(610)449-8585 OR (215)679-6400

“I have been a licensed funeral director in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for 56 years. I found this book to be excellent and to the point. It is something all families should read.”
Jack J. Stretch 3rd
Stretch Funeral Service
Havertown, PA 19083

“Handling the Death of a Loved One” is a book that everyone should read. This book covers all the bases-from the moment the death occurs until after the funeral is over, followed by a section on how to deal with grief and loss. Also discussed is the notion of pre-planning one’s own funeral. Overall, this book is very well written and the information it provides is invaluable”
John J. McConaghy
McConaghy Funeral Home, LTD
Ardmore, PA 19003

Take Control of Your Money…Your Life

Sharon Lechter is passionate about you and your financial health. As co-author of the bestselling books Think and Grow Rich-Three Feet From Gold and Rich Dad Poor Dad, and founder of Pay Your Family First, Sharon is dedicated to sharing relevant and actionable steps to help you build a strong and sustainable financial foundation for your family. In recognition of her efforts, Sharon was asked by both Presidents Bush and Obama to serve as a member of the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy, and by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants to serve as a national spokesperson for the National CPAs Commission on Financial Literacy. While, honored by this national and international recognition, Sharon’s passion is still focused on sharing practical and real action steps for anyone seeking to improve their financial lives. Please enjoy It’s Your Turn to Thrive, an audio series designed just for you.

Stress Relief: Relaxation & Confidence

As the saying goes “Stuff Happens!” How you respond makes all the difference. Doing this exercise on a regular basis can help you stay calm, relaxed, and ready for what life has to offer. Stay in the game! Bring this recording to life’s stressful situations (that are planned) and be 100% prepared, relaxed and confident.

Shibboleths of Leadership

A shibboleth is a Hebrew word that differentiates between one dialect and another – in this context, it means the antiquated jargon of a group. Leadership has been in a rut for years, with those at the top working dogmatically to entrench old paradigms and exclude new thinking – serving the need to be right, not to make the world a better place. This program illustrates that great leadership is a result, not a program, and guides you through the process of eliminating archaic leadership paradigms.

Public Speaking

Fear of public speaking is reported to be the number one phobia on the planet. This exercise done on a regular basis will help reduce the stress and anxiety about speeches and presentations. Bring this recording to every speech and speaking engagement to be 100% prepared, relaxed and confident on stage.


You can be a genius and have the greatest invention in the world, but the world won’t know it unless you are persistent. Feel that you deserve the promotion? Without persistence you may keep waiting to be tapped on the shoulder. If you want to accomplish your dreams in any area of your life, you will need to know how to develop and maintain persistence. Pegine teaches the art of keeping on in this, chock full of information, CD.