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To Evaluate Whether Your Book Will Enable You To Meet Your Goal

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Have you set a SMART Goal?

What are your main objectives in writing your book? Are your objectives realistic?

How will your book enable you to achieve this objective?

Do you have the time and skill to write a book?


How will you know whether you have achieved this objective? What metrics will enable you to tell whether you are on track?



Target and Timeline

Data to collect

What actions are needed to achieve your objective? Who will do what by when?




Identify your topic

What is the main topic of your book?

Is this topic in alignment with your objective?


Do you have expertise in this topic?


What are the key points you will make in the book?

What steps will the reader need to take to act on the advice you give in your book?

What obstacles or mistakes might the reader make that you ought to address?

How will you invite participation by your reader (e.g., checklists, online forum)?

What stories are you planning to include?


Identify your Target Market

Who is the primary audience you want to read your book?

Is this audience in alignment with your objective?


Describe the demographics of this audience (gender, age, education level, location, etc.).

How does your book address your readers’ wants, needs, hurts, hopes, or deepest desires?

What do your readers already know about your topic, and what do you bring them that’s new?

How have you confirmed that this topic is of interest to your primary audience?


Identify your Unique Selling Proposition

What differentiates you and your message from similar books already on the market—what’s unique about your ideas, perspective, approach, process, focus, experience, background, etc. In other words, why would someone choose to follow your advice or purchase your book and not someone else’s advice or some other book?

Are you a “first” or “only” in what you bring to this subject or some aspect of this subject?

Do you fill an important gap in the information available on this topic? What’s been missing that you address?

What else makes you stand out in a crowded market, or are you able to create a new niche and dominate it right from the start?

What will your audience get from your book that they can’t get anywhere else?


Identify your Timeline

What is your timeline for getting your book written?

How will you make the time to work on your book? What could get in the way, and how will you deal with interruptions?

When will you work on your book?

Who will keep you accountable?

How much time have you allocated to post-writing needs (editing, getting testimonials, etc.)


Identify your Budget

What will you do yourself, and what will you hire others to do for you?

Formatting for eBook and print book
Cover Design
Uploading to Amazon
Getting your book in print
Brick n Mortar Distribution
Book Launch event

How much have you allocated to spend to get your book done?


Identify ways to market and exploit your book

What pre-publication activities will you do to promote your book and start to build an audience?

Will you do a book launch? What would you like to see happen, and what will need to be done to achieve that?

What post-publication steps will you take to promote your book?

How do you plan to leverage your book?

Do you want to build a platform around your book (e.g., webinar, home study course, group coaching)?