Are you looking to write a book in 2023?
Are you having trouble keeping up with your writing goals?
Do you often find yourself overwhelmed or stuck in your writing?

We have something that can help keep you productive and hit your writing milestones on time! Keep reading to find out more about our weekly


Accountability Call

Weekly calls to help keep you on track and provide guidance. 5 to 10 minute check-in via Zoom or, if unavailable during the scheduled time, via email.

  • How did you do on completing the tasks you identified?
  • What got in your way?
  • What is the biggest issue you are having with getting your book done?
  • What is your goal to complete in the next week?

Get guidance from listening to others' challenges and the advice offered to them!

$12.50 per session
$15 per session

Limited number of spots available.