Accelerate the writing of your book

I’ve been playing around with an AI app called QuickWrite, and am truly amazed at how valuable and easy it is to use.  I was starting to prepare for a speech I was to give and ran my speech topic through the program.  It spit out a list of about 12 topics for me to cover in about 5 seconds.  I probably would have spent easily a half hour coming up with a list.

When you put a book topic in QuickWrite, you can generate an outline of your book, a book description, a blog post and other marketing material, and even content for your book.  You can plug in one of the outline topics and generate a list of subtopics to write about on that topic, thereby creating a detailed outline for your book.  All this occurs in a matter of seconds. 

I demonstrated the app recently for several individuals, and here is what one person said about it: 

QuickWrite is fantastic!  It created an outline for an online course in less than 10 minutes. It generated 175 lines of suggestions (outline and chapter content), of which I'd say 98 percent are right on target. This saved me hours of work -- and frankly, I might not have thought of several of their ideas (or might have thought of them much, much later in the writing process).   This is an excellent tool. Thank you for introducing me to it. 

QuickWrite currently sells for $49/month, which is a pretty decent price for the value that you get from the program.  Since I am one of the original promoters, however, I have been given the opportunity to offer the software at $197 for LIFETIME ACCESS – no monthly subscription fee, and you get all the updates that come out.  QuickWrite is constantly being updated.  For instance, recently, it has added images for fiction books, and is working on adding images for non-fiction. 

If you want to save time writing your book, blog, emails or other content, I highly recommend you get QuickWrite.  Sign up here to get lifetime access for just $197.